Why Halo Reach Is the Most Disappointing Game of the Year

It's hard for one to feel a sense of overwhelming emotional tragedy when, even during the admittedly effective ending, everything is as scenic as a tropical island tour. The island just happens to be a bit foggy sometimes.

Worst of all, Halo: Reach doesn't have any memorable moments outside of its lead into Halo: CE, and your final moments (as a nameless, numbered nobody).

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MrMccormo2641d ago

Okay, I don't think Reach deserves all the hype nor the high scores (my opinion)?

But most disappointing game of the year? I doubt that.

Moonboots2641d ago

I only disagreed because I feel it's worthy of the praise it has received. It's a good game and at first glance at the title I don't agree with that statement at all.

Haters gonna hate.

Cevapi882641d ago

its less about hate and more about getting hits....sites like these dont have an affiliation to a console or a certain brand....they come up with these titles to get people to click and read...easy money if people get pissed off...that's their whole business plan, i can just imagine a meeting in which they go "hmmmm, what title can we come up with to piss off gamers this time, OHHH I KNOW, lets rag on a game that is a 4 million first week seller"

StanLee2641d ago

It's funny; the writer claims to be a fan of Halo and to have waited for the game for 9 years but claims to be disappointed. The game is pure fan service, start to finish. No memorable moments?! SMH. I'm sure we'll see more articles like this in the coming weeks.

Redrum0592641d ago

Wow, ppl are realy out to destroy this game. Why though???

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Windex2641d ago

there are haters who tries to bring it down and who tries to talk about overhype.

and there are xbox fanboys who try to exaggerate into best game ever....

it's got 92 on metacritic and 8 reviews were from site with "xbox" in their name.

i think it is a great game, but the ads, marketing and fanboys made it bigger than what it is.

OSU_Gamer2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

@Natsu X FairyTail

"The Influx of lames Rushing to this articles is huge. "

Thats odd...because you are already here.


Have you played it??? How do you know that it was made bigger than it actually is. People on this site tend to make it smaller than what it is. Did you ever think about that?

"it's got 92 on metacritic and 8 reviews were from site with "xbox" in their name. "

So no PS3 game gets any reviews from sittes/magazines with Playstation in the title. GTFO

Not to mention that just because a website consistse purely of xbox related content doesn't mean theat they are automatically fanboys that give the game higher scores than it deserves.

Sez 2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

The same can be said about both factions. There's also sonyfanboys that will always over exaggerate a game or exclusive like it the second coming. I can name a few but that's not the point. I do agree that there are haters on both sides. But your clearly trying to make your arguement one-sided.

Edit: oh and I'm sure if you check many of ps3 exclusives/multiplat game score on metacritic/gameranking you will also see a lot of ps site reviewing the games and giving it high scores.

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Sony3602641d ago Show
inveni02641d ago "You know why Halo: Reach is the most disappointing game of the year? Because we want hits!"

That being said, I could actually understand being so totally hyped for what is, arguably, the final of the best your system has to offer. If it's not a 15 on a scale of 10, then you're naturally going to feel a little sad that it's over, and that it's not a 15. I liken it to how I felt after The Matrix: Revolutions.

THAT being said, an article that was genuine with such a bold statement should be written as more of an homage to the game than a list of complaints.

Spydiggity2641d ago

did any of you bother to read this article before accusing him of being desperate for hits or being a sony fanboy?

the guy clearly loves the halo franchise and is obviously quite familiar with the story, so even if he likes sony, it has NOTHING to do with it. second, the article is rather well written and the points he makes are spot on. i felt EXACTLY the same way while playing it.

i mean, come on, here we have a company (Bungie) who KNOWS this game is going to make a billion dollars and yet they gave us nothing new, nothing impressive, or amazing. they just gave us another budget title banking on the name. don't get me wrong, reach has rejuvenated my love for the halo multiplayer, and is better than ever (i play it at least 2 hours every night); but the single player is exactly what this guy said...boring. i wouldn't say you shouldn't buy this game, cuz the multiplayer carries a TON of weight, but if you're the type of person that only plays a game for the campaign, reach is a swing and a miss.

i do agree,however, that the title probably should have been different.

Spydiggity2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

double post, i'm sorry.

EDIT: Let me just add this. what is the purpose of a website if not to get hits? that's why you make a website! it's a childish, immature, petty accusation that is absolutely pointless to make. The author is still entitled to his opinion.

Windex2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

yes i have xbox as wel..

lol. i love the fanboy rage though.

i just counted review sites with PS3 on it. 4 out 100 sites has PS in the site name

Halo reach 8 out of 60 review sites with xbox in the site name

again i love ur fanboy rage

Dee_912640d ago

that its the last one

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SaberEdge2640d ago

When I see an obvious flamebait title like this I simply don't read the article.

It's not that people aren't entitled to their own opinions on Halo Reach or any other game, it's the fact that they make their titles sound like a factual statement which is a slap in the face to all those of use that really enjoy the game and think it is actually one of the best games of the year.

Garrus_Vakarian2640d ago

I'm a long time Halo fan and I found the story disappointing. As anyone who's read the books would know, Halo: Reach retcons at least 2 books worth of canon. It's very disappointing that they made these retcons, and the product of the retcons doesn't even justify the retcons.

I'm glad 343 has complete control over the Halo series. Hopefully they'll have better consistency than Bungie did.

NOTE: Overall Halo: Reach is a fantastic game, though like I said, I'm disappointed in it's story. It's told in a good way. The retcons make it less enjoyable for me.

suckerpunch2640d ago

haters gonna hate. all of the sudden everyone claims to prefer treyarch to infinity ward, clearly IW kicks trey in the groin when it comes to good quality games. trey's games never reached AAA status b4, until black ops actually do that then..............everyone is complaining there's no dedicated server for PC........blame who? blame themselves for not purchasing the game for PC, PC gamers pirate the damn game, the sales of modern warfare 1 is like tiny tiny portion of the total sales, i know customers always right but all the PC weiners do not give IW enough incentives to support them more. Halo reach is disappointing........blah blah blah, ask that idiot one thing.....which console game actually packed theatre mode, forge, firefight, crazy multiplayer offerings, crazy customization, campaign, campaign co-op, great graphics(i said great not some of the best ok), cool soundtracks, tight FPS gameplay..............into one game ? developers have limited time and fund for each game,do your damn maths, being able to implement so many shit in one game with these limitations is mighty impressive, bungie is phenomenal and as phenomenal as they are, they are not god! of all the shitty developers out there making A games and worse you don't bash you bash halo reach and bungie, tell me how are you suppose to promote quality and value for money in this industry ? my way is to criticise top developers hoping for further improvements from them and give them credits and praise for their wonderful achievements and contributions but not entirely dismissing them for little flaws. so......the safest way in this industry is to make AA games right because people will call you a great game, underhyped, underrated, unappreciated.......right ? everyone will be like ohhhhhhhh... poor game, i will buy you. all the constant hating and bashing halo franchise received has slowly diminished its popularity and acceptance, halo games are rated lower and lower even in metacritics, what many developers failed is to judge the game independently of its predecessor, scored it lower because reach is pretty much been there done that due to past interations, how about for people who never played halo before ? why is halo reach scored lower than halo 3 when its significantly significantly better (even if halo 3 is released in 2007 and reach is 2010), i know, because reviewers are either influenced, exactly like the rest of the haters or have to satisfy haters with their unreasonable blind hatred.


lousy website looking for hits.
when a game is as popular as modern warfare or halo, it's is easy to be used as resources to generate hits and fuss.

The Lazy One2640d ago

"and there are xbox fanboys who try to exaggerate into best game ever.... "

Uncharted/2, Killzone 2, God of War, Metal Gear Solid 4. Seriously, go into any article on here and say "Uncharted has good graphics" and you will get disagrees because you didn't say "Uncharted has the best graphics."

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2640d ago

Do you not expect an xbox only game to get reviews from xbox related sites????

WTF did you expect a review from nintendo power or something?
I agree most reviews nowadays are heavily edited and tend to leave out important details on games in order to remain neutral/favorable but damn man, your logic on reviews is retarded.

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tacosRcool2641d ago

I don't think Halo Reach deserves all the high scores. But you know other people write articles on popular games like Uncharted 2 and stuff

divideby02641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

totally agree with Mr. M.. I have about 15 hrs into the game and its NOT the most disappointing GOTY, but its far from GOTY that is for sure.

game is very good, and for 30 bucks I paid for it, its a steal (at BB)

btw... terrible article..

wicko2641d ago

Article made sense, but the title did not match the article. Bit of a sensationalist title if you ask me.

I had the exact same disappointment in the campaign. The characters were uninteresting and I just didn't care about them. I'm not a big fan of the Halo universe, but some personal character interaction would have made it much more enjoyable for me. The first Halo did a decent job of that with Cortana and the Chief, even if there wasn't much character development, their interaction was interesting.

But I get why they did it this way, if you like Halo lore, you probably loved this campaign.

SaberEdge2640d ago

The characters were a lot more interesting to me than what you find in most shooters.

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morkendo232641d ago


Blacktric2641d ago

"Halo 3 has issues, but it still stands out as one of the most exciting single-player games I've played. Launching up and into a Scarab from an ATV? That's awesome. Reach rarely feels like anything more than an exercise in walking up to buttons to trigger the next ho-hum cinematic. Even the slow-paced space battle bored me."

Completely agreed. They tried a more "human" approach with ODST and it was obviously a tryout for shaping up the characters for Reach. But hell it didn't work for me. Sorry, but when you build up a great franchise with memorable characters for 10 years and make the last game you make a prequel, I'm sorry but most of the gamers won't give a sh*t about what's gonna happen to the new characters that you choose to include into that game. We already knew how it's gonna end and a campaign like that makes it more and more unbearable. I even bought the Limited Edition so I could discover some secret things about the game's campaign/storyline, but it made me feel like I bought another MW 2 Hardened Edition.

ABizzel12641d ago

I had high expectations for Halo Reach, in that it would be the first halo game I'd actually buy, and so far it's been good, but not GOTY good. There a ton of multiplayer stuff, but most of it's recycled from the previous games which is fine.

Halo Reach deserves a 9/10

bjornbear2641d ago


every good games get these articles, just ignore them people!

let the author go play Nier or Kane and Lynche dog days,

n to the b2641d ago

there it is again, "SMH"! what means this please??

hazbaz2640d ago

SMH = Shake My Head :)

DatNJDom812640d ago

Im sorry but it just didnt do it for me. But I wouldnt go and say that it was the years biggest disappointment. It had its moments no denying that. but all that praise is just overdone. Multiplayer is good though.

bennyace2640d ago

That most of the people agreeing with this article haven't or ever will play the game itself.

Domer252640d ago

WTF is this, seriously epic flamebait.
"most disappointing article of the year" yeah fixed.

vhero2640d ago

I kind of agree but if you get into the hype and get yourself totally physced and expect something extra special you will get so disappointed and probably think its the biggest of the year.
I also kind of agree with windrex it is a great game no doubt but it got rubber-stamped before anybody even saw so much as a screen shot as GOTY in their eyes because it was Halo and it would stay that way no matter how bad it was. I'm not saying it is bad far from it but its not GOTY material just a great 360 exclusive.

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awiseman2641d ago

trash halo to the ends of this earth cuz they jelous they dont hav 360's lol.

gonzodamus2641d ago

Most websites do. It's how they get money :)

BeaArthur2641d ago

Excellent analysis. Clearly they didn't play Crackdown 2.

pixelsword2641d ago

Ugh, don't remind me.

If ever a game deserved a rental...

Hellsvacancy2641d ago

I dont understand, y r they lookin 4 hits? maybe the dude or dudet who wrote the article ACTUALLY didnt like the game as much as it was hyped up 2 b, its there opinion

If u luv summin your called a fanboy and if u hate it your called a troll, people neeed 2 wake up becuase there stupid

ukilnme2641d ago

"If u luv summin your called a fanboy and if u hate it your called a troll, people neeed 2 wake up becuase there stupid"

So true. Did you set your alarm or do I need to give you a wake up call? j/k

drewboy7042641d ago

Because all 4 million people who bought it were disappointed and are only playing it because they're Microsoft infested zombies. I'm joking for those of you that don't know and also I'm sure some were disappointed at parts of reach but really, The only people that say its terrible and disappointing are the flame-bait writers and people that haven't played it.

Scotland-The-Brave2640d ago

or because they bought the game because of the hype, i have done that with plenty of games and they turned out to not live up to the hype. I just tossed them into my cupboard.

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