Guitar Hero 3 Achievements Revealed

There are 59 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
You also have Secret Achievements too.

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djt233960d ago

yea hell
i can get Life of the Party, Too Many to Count, Easy Rider and others achievements.

Jdash243960d ago

i think beating through the fire and flames should be worth more than 15 achievement points

benny o klaatt3960d ago

some of these look REAL hard, i can only muster 580 on guitar hero 2. damn stuck on crazy for you and freya on expert :( still gonna get it tho :)

theres a ps2 lurking in all that, gh1 set list is short but awesome although not keen on the gh1 HOPO system

gogators3960d ago

achievements are very hard in my mind. Of course I'm stuck at around only 310 achievement points.

DrPirate3960d ago

Beat one of the creators of Guitar Hero 3?

Those engineers who don't even know how to miss a note?


DAKing2403960d ago

Yeah, the list looks very, very hard...

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The story is too old to be commented.