Americas Weekly Chart for Week Ending 18th Sep 2010


360 - 156,249 (+69%)
DS - 146,104 (+16%)
Wii - 67,938 (-8%)
PS3 - 55,063 (-3%)
PSP - 29,063 (-35%)
PS2 - 9,687 (-2%)


1 - (360) Halo: Reach - 3,006,170
2 - (Wii) Wii Sports - 67,938
3 - (Wii) Wii Sports Resort - 67,204
4 - (PSP) Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - 65,079
5 - (PS3) Sports Champions - 63,402

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APOFISBORICUA2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Caotic in here. . .LOL!!

PEACE, PEACE and Gaming!!

3 million for REACH when the expansion named ODST sold more than 2... someting is wrong... ohh yeah that must be a Halo tiring syndrome.

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darthv722635d ago

wii sports and sports resort are neck and neck. I would think since sports resort came out the regular one would have dropped off considerably.

Maybe vgchartz will start tracking sales of move and kinect like they do 360 and ps3.

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chanto232635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

I don't know about you guys, but now that Little Big Planet 2 got delayed, i feel like the PS3 is fading away this fall. Multi-plats continue to struggle, Dead Rising 2 framerates are bad and screen tearing is awful, NBA 2K11 lacks anti-aliasing, we all know about Mafia 2 etc etc. I think the PS3 will continue to lose ground. Ain't looking pretty for Sony :(

If Gran Turismo 5 doesn't change this trend, nothing will.

And i believe sales doesn't translate into quality, but from a business perspective, developers will continue to favor the more popular console, the 360.

ufo8mycat2635d ago

Multi-plats struggling? Sure the PS3 version of multi-plats don't look as good as the 360 versions, but guess what? they are still the same game.

Same gameplay, same story, same missions, same setting, same fun factor.

The only way you can really judge how good a system is (game wise), is by it's exclusives and this is where the PS3 outshines any other platform out there. 360 is far far behind regarding quality exclusives, nearly as bad as PC.

chanto232635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Multi-plats struggling? Sure the PS3 version of multi-plats don't look as good as the 360 versions, but guess what? they are still the same game.

Same gameplay, same story, same missions, same setting, same fun factor.
----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ----------

Some people can live with that, I can't. I bought next gen consoles to play next gen games and that includes best graphics, frame-rates and anti-aliasing. If you don't see the 360 version of most multiplats you won't mind it at all, but if you play them back to back you will noticed there is a noticeable difference in performance. The PS3 has been a weird console so far this gen, it has THE BEST LOOKING GAMES, and at the same time it has the worse looking multi-plats compared to the 360. Only games you can take out is Final Fantasy XIII, MW1 and MW2, the rest either look worse or if they look the same, then they don't perform on par.

The PS3 so far has demonstrated that it is the best hardware but rough around the edges while the more polished experience is the 360.

But of course you will love one system over the other if what you like the most is the exclusives on that system. I'm making my opinion based on multi-plats. You get the same experience but not the same GAME.

corneliuscrust2635d ago

Dead Rising 2 has some pretty brutal frame rate problems on the 360 too. It's just not well made

JokesOnYou2635d ago

vgchartz aren't as accurate as NPD, but they've been relatively close more often than not, in any case things are looking pretty good for micro going forward and into the holidays, if these vgchartz numbers prove to be close to NPD's more official data then I got to say launch sales of move aren't very promising compared to wii sports resort which has been available for 60wks(wow thats some serious legs)....this prelimanary data will not sit well with many folks on n4g.


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shoddy2635d ago

this is just a week not year and NA not word.

otherZinc2635d ago

outsold all SONY machines combined!

Bhai2635d ago

Heh, FF13 sold 500,000 PS3s in Japan alone, that is FF's base turf :), a multiplat did that!

Halo: Reach only sold a mere 100,000 more 360s than PS3s, big system seller you say, hah, in its own turf in America you say... beat that cowboy ;)

ukilnme2635d ago

@ Tinted Eyes

Yeah right. I was bubbled down because you and the rest of the Sony Faithful can't handle the truth about Reach's success let alone the success of the 360. The truth hurts even more when you are not willing to admit it.

Tinted Eyes2635d ago

but everyone knows halo is successful, why would i have a problem with it?

sorry man but it was because you trolled me for no reason accusing me of hating on halo, try again buddy.

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squallheart2635d ago

wow 360 is still selling well. Must be the halo commercials. There is one of them playing every damn 30 min lol. Eventhough i dont like the halo franchise i give them credit, they make really good commercials.

Does anyone know when the move marketing will start¿ Its sad cause they barely put out the move at the target i work at but no kiosk explaining what it is. To the casual consumer they will take a glance at it and walk past it.

Makidian2635d ago

Oddly enough I haven't seen a reach commercial since the game came out which I think is strange, or I am just not paying enough attention, but you are right, the commercials are cool as hell. I like the Move commercials to but that's more for Jerry Lambert/Kevin Butler than what it shows.

squallheart2635d ago

Very true. I have only seen one move comercial in the past 4 days. It had me laughing.
hmm wonder what from my previous post got me so many disagrees o.o the fact i dont like halo¿ Didnt even bash anything. Odd community.

corneliuscrust2635d ago

But my buddy got me into reach. Very slick game, might surprise some people if they are willing to give it a chance :)

spunnups2635d ago

Is VG Chartz ever close?

VGChartS2635d ago

is always the closest site to the real numbers,sure there may be a slight decrease in some of the hardware/software sales,but the resources are reliable and offer the closest results to the real thing

RageAgainstTheMShine2635d ago

vgchartz is a 360 site made to make 360 look good & cover up the truth. never reliable never will be. people just refuse the truth. as A Greenberg stated PS3 will never surpass 360 in figures & vgchartz is part of that political machinery that spreads false information around the world. & they will deny it to their graves.

Anon19742635d ago

They aren't close to anything. Compare their data to official data, or even to NPD numbers and you'll see they aren't even close. For the first 6 months of the year they overtracked the 360 by over 30% compared to numbers released by Microsoft. Sony's overall numbers are undertracked by more than 2 million.

Even compared to NPD data (and they're supposed to be tracking the same thing - sold at retail) is grossly inaccurate. Compared to NPD data for August, Vgchartz were off more than 20% for the 360 and Wii, 10% off for PS3 numbers. In what world is 10%, 20%, 30% off considered "the closest site to real numbers"? It's ridiculous.

And they aren't accountable to anyone so they can keep doing it. NPD sell their marketing reports. If their numbers aren't accurate, they lose business and can be held accountable. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are all publicly traded and their numbers are subject to external audit that can result in massive penalties if they're found reporting incorrect sales data. If VGChartz are wrong - a few fans might notice - life goes on and no one is held accountable because it's just a fan run site, after all.

NPD numbers are actually used by the industry which tells you something right there. For the real numbers, wait till all companies report their quarters next month. In the meantime, these fake VGChartz "news" articles need to be failed.

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