"Backbreaker Preview and First Trailer"

Take a look at the the first trailer and preview of "Backbreaker" a new football game from Natural Motion.

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beans4081d ago

That looked pretty cool!

BADBOYEK44081d ago

I agree 100 percent,it would be even better if they were able to use the NFL License

SmokeyMcBear4081d ago

yeah.. that is going to be one kickass game, they got tackling right, but how is the throwing and running and all, enjoy the game 360 owners, maybe next years madden will incorporate this technology, one could only hope

Anything but Cute4081d ago

I'm asking a question not making a statement, tell me where.

You disagree with a question?

ParaDise_LosT4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )


SmokeyMcBear4081d ago

haha disagreeing fanboys.. well in the story it says.. and i quote "company based on the research of its namesake, aims to change on that with Backbreaker, a football title due out next year on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360." So there you go man, its not exclusive.

T-Virus4081d ago

I can't do anything like that though.

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The story is too old to be commented.