Rayman and Raving rabbids on PS3 ?

French Retailer lists Rayman Trilogy and includes Raving Rabbids.

It appears that Ubisoft is developing a compilation of Raving Rabbids's Games for PS3, probably by adapting games already on Wii.

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BlackIceJoe2857d ago

This would be cool the Rayman games have been good & throwing in the Rabbids games too will also be good.

BulletProofVess2856d ago

wouldn't mind purchasing a compilation of the games as long as they are sold at the current standard of 40 dollars for all playstation move games

EvilGost2857d ago

Yes, with the PlayStation Move, it will be fun !!

picoso362856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Glad to see it on a real console!

NecrumSlavery2856d ago

I played it on the Wii. Was a lot of fun but can't we get a Rayman Rabbids game that utilises the Move and Eye? Not just a port por favor?