Storytelling in Games, or "Why It Mostly Sucks"

GCDC panel examines why video game storytelling and dialog is lacking.

Industry wordsmiths Bob Bates and Ken Ralston attended yesterday's "Storytelling Panel." Bates started out writing text adventures for Infocom in 1986, went on to co-found Legend Entertaiment (Eric the Unready, Wheel of Time, Shannara) and more recently, Unreal 2 (2003) and Spider-Man 3 for the PS2 and Wii. Ken Ralston you may know as either the guy who worked on pen and paper RPGs like Paranoia, RuneQuest, and the D&D Arabian Nights campaign setting...or the design lead on Morrowind and Oblivion.

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RadientFlux3899d ago

Story is one the most important elements for me when it comes to a video game, I only rate gameplay higher.

One of the reasons I am so looking forward to playing Bioshock is the unique storyline followed by it's atmosphere.

chrno3898d ago

jrpg has the best storytelling. This is pretty much a fact.

RadientFlux3898d ago

I disagree I prefer the storytelling in western RPGs over JRPGs. I'll take the storytelling in Planescape Torment over Final Fantasy 7 any day.

chrno3898d ago

Everybody are entitled to their own opinions, but most people will agree that jrpg has better storytelling than wrpg. It's like compared manga to comics. No offence really.

ALIEN3898d ago

i agree wit u. "Story is one the most important elements for me when it comes to a video game"

just look at FF7, that game has a great storyline. I also have to say that HALO has a great storyline as well.

RadientFlux3898d ago

Actually the storyline is one of only reasons I am hyped about Halo 3. FPS games are slowly starting to get good story wise as well.

I just wish there were more FPS like Call of Cthulhu

okcomputer3898d ago

I'll put bioshock's story up against the story of ANY movie released this summer.

Its a myth that videogames don't have good storytelling. The plots to the best action games stand up well against the plots for most action movies. Yes sometimes the plots get muddled (mgs3 or fear for example) but thats only because games have to sustain the plot over hours and hours of gameplay, while movies only last 2-3 hours at most.

ALIEN3898d ago

When is the HALO movie comin out?

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The story is too old to be commented.