Eye of Judgement Impressions

It's not until you see The Eye of Judgement in action that you begin to realise its revolutionary potential. Sure, it's essentially just another a card game at heart, but complete with a package of peripherals including the new Sony Eye camera, The Eye of Judgement could turn the genre on its head. Developed in conjunction with acclaimed card game creators Wizards of the Coast--the firm behind the Star Wars TCG and Magic: THe Gathering-- the game recognises the cards being played via the camera, and automatically generates the game on-screen.

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ALIEN4133d ago

This game look cool. Am i going to buy it? no!

ParaDise_LosT4133d ago

Wouldn't anyone buy a Ps3 to play a cardgame?...

._. what we're they thinking!

but then again...if it becomes as popular is yugeoh
then this game might be a system seller....

who knows....
but really.... A CARD GAME?...this is the kind of game that should
be for the wii...
waste of blu-ray space :(

razer4133d ago

How many people would pick up a PS3 to play this game. The card game business is huge and Wizards of the Coast is at the forefront. If the game plays well I think this might have a bigger draw for the system than something like HOME.

It seems to have a casual gamer appeal. It could quickly become a flop, but the fact Sony is trying stuff like this I have to give them some credit.

d3l33t4133d ago

look at the comments on the article! So many people stated purchasing a ps3 because of this game! It seems to be quite a popular feature.

I would never buy a console because of one game, or I'de own a Wii (SSBB) glad my sister picked one up. Just looks like ill have to bribe her to borrow it.

SubZero4133d ago

I've never played any of those "Magic" type games. But i have to admit I might buy this one and not tell my frieds. lol

AllroundGamer4133d ago

i neeed this game!! does anyone know the EU release date?

KeMoBLUE4133d ago

i already pre-ordered it at amazon. i like the game but i mainly pre-ordered it because it was only 60 bucks.

playstation eye
deck of cards
Eye of Judement

all that for just 60. doesn't sound like a sony price to me i thought the camera alone would cost that much. sony hasnt released an official price yet but im pretty sure it will be over 60 bucks. warhawk alone costs 40 bucks and that's just the game.

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