Exclusive Interview: Spielberg is "Certainly A Supporter Of Blu-ray" posts:
"Earlier today, Steven Spielberg's spokesperson and current member of the Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Marvin Levy, was kind enough to speak to regarding Paramount's recent decision to exclusively back the HD DVD format and Mr. Spielberg's future involvement with high definition media."

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MK_Red4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago ) sure had a busy day :)
Hopefully Spielberg can bring logic back to Paramount and make them natural again. First Paramaout fired Tom Cruise and now is making both Michael Bay and Spielberg upset... they better be carefull.

ALI-G4132d ago

they are the one who ended the negations with HD-DVD camp to bring unified format.greedy bastards.

WilliamRLBaker4132d ago

why should paramount watch out? because Steven remake all my films spielberg is their only director? micheal bay too?

the BDA has been running full on damage control...A steven spielberg interview....why?
Not only does he have nothing to do with the HD DVD exclusivity deal it was from the start confirmed nothing of his films we're part of the deal.

Like I said in the Spielburg is whining thread... So spielberg is whining cause paramount is going hd dvd exclusive for 18 months though none of his films are part of the deal....and nothing is keeping him from releaseing remakes on blu ray...

Its funny is all it is.
Whats Funny is how the HD DVD association....doesn't run nearly as much damage control or smear campaigns as the BDA does.

apoc064132d ago

no spin or FUD? perhaps youve never read any of these:

well, blu-ray sales are higher because of the free give-aways
[although they arent counted as sales]

hddvd players are outselling standalone bluray players
[although if you add the xbox360 add-on and the ps3 to both sides, blu-ray is the clear winner and the reason why sales are so high for blu-ray]

this fall walmart is going to sell super cheap hddvd players from china
[although the article actually is about cheap chinese blu-ray players.]

the porn industry has chosen hd-dvd as the winner.
[the porn industry is neutral and there is an equal number of releases on both formats]

hd-dvd movies are cheaper than blu-ray movies
[nope: ]

and the biggest misconception, and the reason why hddvd movies are more expensive than their blu-ray counterparts: hd-dvds are cheaper to make than blu-ray discs
[nope again!

blu-ray is large enough to fit a full movie on a single layer blu-ray disc. not all but most hddvd movies are dual layered. a dual layer hddvd is more expensive than a single layer blu-ray disc.]

achira4132d ago

i love the spielberg films, nice that he supports blu ray.

damnwrx4132d ago

Coz, $150 million was not worth it, It's mostly loyalties to his FANS and moviegoers.....

damnwrx4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

He's Not Greedy! Now, we need Michael Bay to be on Spielberg's side.

Nameless4132d ago

Paramount can not go back on their decision unless they give back that 150 Million & thats not going to happen & if they tried to break the contract theyd just get sued for that 150 Million back & more.

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The story is too old to be commented.