Capcom: DMC4's 2.7m sales not enough, wants 5+ from reboot

The Japanese publisher expects big numbers from Ninja Theory's reboot.

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CrazyForGames2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

5 million from the reboot? *holds in laughter*

yeah and i want the golden egg laying goose....

qface642773d ago

yeah i don't see it clearing 5 million plus in sales

AntoineDcoolette2773d ago

Well, I sure didn't hold in my laughter. I instantly chuckled after the title registered.

mikeslemonade2772d ago

Yea, you need multiplayer or something to make people buy it. If I can rent it and beat it in 10 hours there's no point in buying it for me.

Natsu X FairyTail2772d ago

Not happening even if the game is Multiplatform. It needs Multiplayer to draw more players in.

I'll probably buy it tho because I'm a big fan of the series and of the Hack N Slash genre.


Redrum0592772d ago

with the way Dante looks now, i predict it will get less sales then DMC4.
srry, but the new dante seems more apealing to Emo kids, i dont know any Emo kids that play games.
A blame the director of the game, he clearly has something to do with dantes new look.

ExplosionSauce2772d ago

Why do some Japanese companies think their games will be better by Westernizing them. Kinda takes away the charm of Japanese games.

It's like they think that DMC never had any fans in the West.
DMC already has fans! Capcom's not gonna get any more sales by scrapping the character that made the series and caught fans' attention in the first place.

badz1492772d ago

the reboot will definitely sells less!


don't give Capcom any idea! maybe they will pull the Assassin's Creed and put MP! who knows

Reibooi2772d ago

given the MASSIVE fan backlash I doubt it will even come close to what DMC 4 did.

The only way it could is if it pulls in a huge new audience and I don't see this game doing that. The whole look and feel screams emo and that's not exactly popular in the US and I doubt Europe and Japan will get it to 5mil alone.

I really don't know how to feel about the reboot. I kinda wanna see it get good reviews but fail so they will go back to the old Dante but with the new game play that Ninja Theory is going to add in(assuming it plays well that is)

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FiftyFourPointTwo2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

Get ready to be disappointed then.

Whoever at Capcom is in command of finalizing character designs should get fired. Some alternate costumes in SF4/SSF4 are just terrible. Even some of the upcoming DLC ones.

Sigh2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

Funny you mention about someone in command in charge for this DMC reboot's character design. Guess who it is. Hint: It's not the the creative designer that designed the ugly new Dante based on himself and his wacky hair. He's Japanese and talked mad shit about other japanese developer's games at TGS.

FiftyFourPointTwo2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Dont lecture me. -__-'

I'm talking about Capcom's character designers in general.

Shang-Long2772d ago

Wasn't this game suppose succeed their expectation from it being a multi plat title....?

PshycoNinja2772d ago

You can wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which one fills up quicker.

AbyssGravelord2772d ago

Nice Lamb of God reference PshycoNinja.

Persistantthug2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

He's got one of the coolest real life freakin names I've ever heard.

It's like out of GI Joe or somethin.


BYE2772d ago

Looks like I'm the only person on the planet that will play this game. lol

Good thing I didn't play any DMC games yet, I'd probably hate the new one like everyone else.

Christopher2772d ago

2.7m isn't enough? Do you know how many companies look at those numbers and wish they had them?

Seriously, your reboot concept isn't going to get anymore sales than the first. You want to make some money, make a shooter that doesn't suck.

The honest problem is, Capcom, your talent has all left you over the years and you're just trying to hold onto IPs that even the original creators are shaking their heads at. At least outside of fighter games, where you're just milking them.

ABizzel12772d ago

I don't get why you guys find it funny. No DMC has sold over 3 million.

BISHOP-BRASIL2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Indeed, and if anything, the fisrt DMC was the second sales wise with just over 2 million sold, a PS2 exclusive, so it could as well had been the first is DMC4 sales were broken down to each console.

Version after version DMC sales had always decreased. So yes, CAPCOM has all the sign to say it needs a reboot.

I'm not saying this means Capcom is right to crap over Dante original character and unplease it's former fans, but DMC wasn't ever a big seller, hence the "westernizing fever" in Capcom.

But the hard cold truth is Capcom is dying. This movement isn't new. They did the very same thing to RE with RE4 and guess what, RE4 never made it to sell like earlier PS1 RE (specially they top seller in the franchise, RE2) so they started to port it all around to get sales up.

This Chart Get was from 2008 and don't include RE5, which sold well above 5m copies even before Gold Edition for some reason I don't fully understand, most people I talked to didn't even liked the game that much... I think they simply learned to advertise their games or something.

Capcom as a company needs a reboot. They simply can't get back to their former glory in PS1/early PS2 times.

raWfodog2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Um, I think that's why they find it funny...the fact that NO DMC has sold over 3 million and they want this one to sell over 5 million...with a totally different looking (funny looking) Dante than what the faithful are used to.

Buuut, I guess if the gameplay mechanics are totally re-done to make them even better, and its multiplat, and it has a really good storyline, and superb graphics (across all systems), and maybe even multiplayer, then who knows... least give Dante his white hair back :)

bjornbear2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

so we gave the middle finger to all of those 2.7m fans and decided to abandon them

NICE ONE CAPCOM! I see the marketing strategy...but all I see in capcom is greed now, no respect for fans anymore...and don't anyone here come and say "Oh but its a business its all about the money"

WE KNOW THAT - you can make money without screwing over your fans you know...

I guess that part of gaming is dying with the big corps....='(

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ActionBastard2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

Then they better change that K.D. Lang looking Dante.

CobraKai2772d ago


crxss2773d ago

they're definitely going to attract some of those unfamiliar to DMC. then again i love dmc 1+3 and didn't purchase 4. definitely going to purchase this one though. oh yeah in case you didn't notice i'm one of the few that like the updated dante but i also love dmc3's dante.

Neckbear2773d ago

Capcom's logic:

Ignore fanbase.

Ignore people who liked the game and supported it.

Expect 5 million sales from said reboot that screws fans.

...Seriously. And then they cry "Everyone's making crappy gaems and liek we want moar sales and liek yeah".

ThanatosDMC2772d ago

If 2 million were the hardcore fans of DMC, then they just lost those 2 million buyers.

Neckbear2772d ago

What surprises me the most is than for ALOT of publishers and developers 2 million sales seems like a dream most of the time, and are happy with much less.

But not for Capcom.

ThanatosDMC2772d ago

If only they go in to some testing before releasing their games. Lost Planet 2 could have been great, if they actually played the game they made and thought, "WTF? We need to fix this!"

shadowfox2773d ago

What action game HAS cleared that number? GOW3 is coming close, but even that only did like 3 or 4 million.