Heavy Rain Move- Opening 10 Minutes

StrengthGamer writes, "So far the Move controller works really, really well. One thing I have to let you know is that in order to initiate commands, you have to hold down the trigger. It's a little cumbersome at times, but during fight scenes this goes away (you don't have to hold the trigger)."

Along with the video there's a short hands-on summary.


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DatNJDom812766d ago

is a little wiitarded. Look at him wiggle that control. LOL

mikeslemonade2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Problem is Heavy Rain wasn't built from the ground-up with the Move in-mind. If it were, you would basically be able to mimic everything one to one.

potenquatro2766d ago

how good is Move really? I haven't used it and would like to know if it's worth it. I'd like an honest opinion please, none of that "ZOMG IT'LL MAKE YOU CRAP YOUR PANTS". How does it compare to the Wiimote-plus or the Wiimote? I know it's basically the same thing, but surely must have difrences. Is every game playable with Move? Does it come with a strap so my nephew doesn't break something? Sorry if it's out of place, but I wanna know and since there's so many Sony owners here......

Skynetone2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

its not very precise to me, a simple game like flight control hd, where you would expect one to one precision its a bit lose and The shoot seems lose aswell, but sports champions seems very precise, a game made for the move

Does it come with a strap, of course it does, the move is quite light and the ball is soft on top

overall sports champions is more then worth the entry fee, its precise, its fun, great graphics and over time more move titles will come, and tumble is also very precise

Close_Second2766d ago

...I find Move to be extremely precise. To be honest, I've found nothing wrong with Move thus far. Works well with High Velocity Bowling, Planet Minigolf, Heavy Rain, Sports Champions and Start the Party.

As for the should be shot. Terrible game.

kanedaakira2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

I'm struggling to find the Velocity Bowling update and the Heavy Rain update on the store...?
Any advice for UK users..?
Do I need to start the game to get the Move upate?

o - potenquatro - I find Move super accurate ! There is a game called Tumble that demonstrates the 3D spacial mapping perfectly - I actually find myself walking around the room trying to place the blocks perfectly in position. Really tight controls IMO

Qui-Gon Jim2765d ago

Heavy Rain has a patch. Just boot up the game and it will update. It's a pretty big patch and will take awhile to dowload.

High Velocity Bowling's Move update is exclusive to PS+ subscribers for now. If you have PS+, download the free DLC from the store, then boot up the game and let it download the patch that enables the update. It will probably be available to non-subscribers in a month.

n4gno2765d ago

Why are you asking for opinions, when you have 300 reviews, and 12000 comments on each move articles ? you'll find that move is way more accurate than wiimote+motion plus, and you can also do thing you can't with wiimote (3D tracking, augmented reality, etc : because of pseye/kinect)

(see, look at the first comment, you are calling the dumb trolls with your question :))

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LeeRoyJenkins2766d ago

I'm not sure if I can think of two worse things, Heavy Rain, which lets be honest here was a stinker of a game that got way overhyped and under delivered big time. And PS Move a shoddy copy of an existing technology (wiimote), combine the two and you have a recipe for boredom. I think I'd rather just have a kick in the nuts kthanx.

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ozps32765d ago

Y r u in the PS3 articles ? Don't you have your XB360 to play, or has it RRODed?

Pennywise2765d ago

How is every comment responding to this guy hidden, but his comment is still showing?

His OPINION is wrong, obviously based on the hundreds of reviews and thousands of consumer opinions. PS MOVE> WIIMOTE.

Heavy Rain was a very unique and engrossing experience. I guess you need to be a mature gamer to really appreciate the game. It is unlike any other game I have played this gen... So just because the Power Rangers didn't come out to play in HR, doesn't mean in any way it under-delivered.

He followed through with "I think I'd rather just have a kick in the nuts kthanx." That alone should of marked him down as immature... which we know he is, but he is OBVIOUSLY trolling as all of his comments do. But this line about getting kicked in the nuts, implies they have dropped. By the way he acts, I would have to say - no. 4 agrees and 37 disagrees and his comment still stands. What gives?

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Newtype2766d ago

Auto Update FTW!

Got the patch without even knowing.

masterofpwnage2766d ago

i always thought heavy rain will do good on the wii.

but with the move even better.

StarScream4Ever2766d ago

Heavy Rain would not even be possible on the Wii.

Pennywise2765d ago

HR would make the wii explode.

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