Nintendo Needs To Be First To Kick Off the Next Console Generation

Bitpunch writes: "We see it happening already, it was only a matter of time. The latest NPD numbers have shown the last three months the Wii having it’s comfortable spot of number one or two being taken by Microsoft. This might have to do with everyone owning one already but if Nintendo wants to continue to see sales, they should help kick off the next console generation by at least catching up with what will be on the market this holiday season."

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GamingForever3002d ago

Yes they do! Nintendo Forever!

Muletroid3002d ago

i actually see microsoft being the first i mean they have said they actually want to be the first again

SKGamer3002d ago

I think Microsoft WILL be next, so I'll agree with you there. But I also agree with the article, Nintendo SHOULD be next.

I've been expecting Microsoft to come out with a new Xbox for the last 2 E3's, and I'll be surprised if we don't at least hear rumors of it next summer. Their current system has the most baggage associated with it, so moving to a new system could be useful from a marketing standpoint. I think Microsoft is itching to move to a new console, the way they market Kinect supports this too (they promised it would be compatible with the next xbox, implying they know what the next xbox is).

But yeah... as I said below, I think Nintendo SHOULD be first if they are smart about it.

dangert123002d ago

you ungraceful people
Xbox: ME 2,Alan Wake,Splinter cell conviction and halo reach just recently and still have Gears 3 and code name kingdoms coming

Ps3,Heavy Rain , MAG ,WKC and games like GT5 LBP2 ratchet and clank are coming

nintendo : had galaxy 2 and i don't know what else but
Donkey Kong Kirby and Zelda are coming

this gen is far from over!!!

SKGamer3002d ago

Their current console is, from a hardware standpoint, the most technically inferior of the bunch. Which means they'll need to upgrade to a stronger system with higher capabilities first.

Also, the Wii's two strongest points were it's lower price tag and unique control scheme. Both those points are becoming less and less relevant as Microsoft/Sony drop prices and introduce new controllers.

If you don't have unique features, and have weaker hardware, you get trouble. Gotta introduce something new to compete.

Also... the mass market loves Nintendo more than ever, so they would totally eat up a Wii2. $$$, Nintendo.

Domer253002d ago

Agreed, and bubbs up. This gen has been whacky so who knows.

MultiConsoleGamer3002d ago

Actually, from a purely financial perspective, Sony needs to be the first to market next gen. And I'll bet money they are the first to release a new console, despite their "10 year lifespan claims." I think people misunderstand that idea. They do sell their consoles for 10 years. PS1 and PS2 stayed on the market for that long, but that didn't stop them from releasing a new console ever 5 years like every other company.

I think this gen is going to run long, maybe 6 or 7 years tops. Just until we get past the financial troubles around the world.

SKGamer3002d ago

Eh, I don't think financial reasons will be what pushes Sony.

If you know the financial stuff behind consoles, the manufacturers actually lose quite a lot of money on them. Even if you don't count research & development costs, most consoles these days sell for less than it costs to produce and ship them.

The whole point of consoles, from a business standpoint, are for them to take off and start selling a ton of software, peripherals and subscriptions. Sony is just reaching that point now with the PS3. In the last year they finally have started making more profits, and have seen larger amounts of software sold. With Move more people will be picking up peripherals, with the new subscription online service they'll start making money there. They are just entering the golden age where the system is coming into its own and is ready to recoup the losses of the last few years.

It would be pretty dumb of Sony to start that all over again, and have to work their way back up. With the slow start the PS3 had (in terms of sales), it's in their best interests for the current gen to last as long as possible.

Also, they have the most upgraded tech on the market, with their powerful processors, blu-ray and 3D-capable gaming. Which means they can rest on their laurels with that tech while Nintendo and Microsoft catch up with their next consoles.

I realize this may make me sound like a big Sony fan (which is ironic, considering I don't even own a PS3), but Sony is positioned well right now. It's the other two that will be introducing new systems soon.

na-no-nai3002d ago

yeah once they release a new console that ps3 doesnt have sony have time to update on those and put those features on the ps4

matey3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

1 year after 3DS the Wii2 will come out ill enjoy Zelda/Goldeneye/Blackops/PES11 /Kirby/Donkykong ect until then,Sony/Microsoft have left it too late now i mean it will take 1 to 1 and a half years for MOVE/KINECT to grab say 10% market share between them by then the Wii2 with the real Next-gen controls will be months away,Lets see what Iwata has said so far Wii2 will leave u shocked,Wii2 will be patented so no imitatation will happen end of,Wii2 will be a Mainstream console,Wii2 will be smaller cheaper and more powerful,Wii2 concept finished because he said if it wasnt for imitation he would spill the details on Wii2 now,Devs have said it will leave ur jaw on the floor,So its not far away and Wii came out 12/16 months after ds phat so im thinking same timescale that would make it nov2011/march2012,So ill play my games listed above until Wii2 no problem its a fun console that is turning serious in near future but Wii2 will keep all the fun in wii but with better graphics also with all 3rd partys best efforts now imagine playing Bungies best efforts on Wii2 with Mario Galaxy 4/Super Mario Kart in almost CGI graphics it will RULE even if u r a die hard 360 fanboy u will have to buy a Wii2 because the best games on ps3/360 r 3rd party games and Wii2 will get them all.

Calm Down Sunshine3002d ago

Aaaaaaaaaand breath.

Wii 2 really could struggle with getting games from smaller devs, especially the ones that have already created something for the current Wii, with the miniscule sales most of them seem to get I doubt they'd be willing to risk making the same mistake again.

It's up to Nintendo to convince them otherwise.

Seferoth753002d ago

LOL I love it when ignorant people talk sales.

I guess you are talking about games like Madworld that sold 500k right? Which outsold a good portion of PS3 games that should have sold better.
WHy don't you name off some of those bombs you bring up so I can post PS3 games that sold a lot worse, but I bet you wouldnt go around spouting about 3rd parties leaving Sony.

Calm Down Sunshine3002d ago

"Under two weeks after its release, Metroid Other M is struggling to hold a position in the UK top 40."

I thought it was common knowledge that sales on the Wii aren't as strong as the devs hoped... Clearly not.

Mahr3001d ago

"Wii 2 really could struggle with getting games from smaller devs"

I don't see that being much of an issue for Nintendo, since the majority of smaller developers are moving out of the home console space and into portable development anyway.

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Trunkz Jr3002d ago

I'm interested as to what a Wii 2 could be, but I'm sure it would be great like when they announced the Wii and I'm sure SnM will probably try to copy their idea as well.

DarkFantasy3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

i don't know i think we got another 2-3 maybe years,but be sure next gen where going to see a lot more multiplat games on there next system,I'm so curious on what the graphics will be like on the next Nintendo system,but i do think Nintendo will be the cheapest on the market again which makes me believe that the next wii(2) or what ever the name may be might look as good or just a bit better then what the ps3 and xbox360 look right now which is fine with me but i know 2 things that will probably be facts.
#1 HD
#2 3D

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