Medal of Honor: Airborne Demo Out Thursday

Medal of Honor: Airborne Demo is coming out this Thursday which is 2 days. Note, when the full game comes out there will be a version for the Computer, and also the Xbox 360.

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thereapersson4136d ago

No news on a PS3 version. I'm beginning to believe that it's not Sony's fault that there are no demos, but actually the developers not having PS3 versions of demos finalized at the time of announcement.

At least EA managed to complete the PS3 SKATE demo and send it to Sony, so PS3 owners will wait for that one.

Ignorant Fanboy4136d ago

I thought MS was strict at first, but their content gets up alot faster than PSN. By weeks most of the time, not days.

I am getting no love! Its good to have the 'menage trois' of gaming. (all 3)

DrPirate4136d ago

Thing is, Sony can't even "force" them. If it's not ready, it's just not ready...

Marceles4136d ago

I think I read somewhere that this game got a 6.0, but I guess the demo can give me a hint to whether it's going to be an OK game or not. I also think this demo is going to be trampled by people trying to get into the COD4 beta, either way, Skate today and Medal of Honor Thursday, keep the demos coming! :)

sovietsoldier4135d ago

gig gig gig go aaaaallllll right!

akaFullMetal4135d ago

its giggidy giggidy alriiiiiiiiight, but in all seriousness this sucks for ps3 owners, not getting any of these demo's