Lazard: PS3 Sales 'Sequentially Higher' in July

Another analyst suggests better sales following price cut.

In advance of the July video game sales data from the NPD Group, Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian has provided his "back of the envelope" analysis, which suggests U.S. software sales increased 15-20 percent in July.

In terms of hardware, unsurprisingly Sebastian expects July "to reflect ongoing strong demand for Nintendo's Wii and DS, as both platforms are likely to remain in short supply

throughout much of the year." Also, he thinks the PS2 had solid sales and the PS3 had "sequentially higher sales following the price cut." Meanwhile, Sebastian believes Xbox 360 sales "might lag somewhat due to greater publicity in July surrounding hardware malfunctions."

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gunnerforlife4081d ago

this has gotten flamebatte written all over it

Maddens Raiders4081d ago

has hardware malfunctions? What about the new heatsinks, and redesigned -- "BANG!" ((thump, thump))

nomuken4081d ago

Hehehehahahahaha. God i regret owning a 360. What a waste. 3 bloody weeks and BAM!!! Never again.

MarioFromTexas4081d ago

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ALIEN4081d ago

This is going to be another flamewar.

AngryHippo4081d ago

...and let the flamewar begin. Bored of analyst predictions, don't care.

Rooted_Dust4081d ago

I suggest that N4G implement a feature that detects the word "Analyst" in any news story and instantly fails the article.

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