1UP Thinks Stranglehold's Multiplayer is Tacked On

1UP on Stranglehold's multiplayer:
"It takes far too long to kill someone (two players can shoot each other in the head with shotguns point-blank for quite a while before anything happens), the shooting feels more disconnected than in the single-player game since the pace is so hectic, and there's just not a ton of variety or strategy behind the simple, straightforward gameplay. It looks great and we certainly had fun with it, but multiplayer seems to have been tacked-on. There's always a chance that the shipping game will be more finely tuned, though."

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MK_Red3959d ago

Just what we needed. Another tacked on at the last multiplayer mode. What's wrong with being singleplayer only? BioShock and Zelda OoC are noth single and are the best games of all time so far.

Gizmo_Logix3959d ago

Some games aren't made for on-line.

BloodySinner3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

For a game powered by the Unreal Engine 3, it's pretty damn ugly. Sort of like Midway's other title... Hour of Victor, anyone? Hey, Midway. Where the hell is my Psi-Ops 2?

AllroundGamer3959d ago

lol i want Psi-Ops 2 tooo!! i liked the first one much better then the copycat game Second Sight, that was released in the same time.

tplarkin73959d ago

Stranglehold has a poor frame-rate and some ugly textures. The models look mediocre, too. It's not a bad game, but I'm sick of games being pushed out the door before they're finished.

DruePhoenix3959d ago

dude, just look closely at the game, it has plenty of detail and lighting

throw in crazy John Woo stuff, and that's where it starts to get less realistic, but that's the point

the worst3959d ago

zelda stands all by itself
maybe after 6 bioshock game
comes outs until then

MK_Red3959d ago

Sorry but for me: BioShock > Zelda.

DrPirate3959d ago

MK_Red speaks truth.

Bioshock delivers on everything Zelda doesn't.

I really believe the Zelda franchise is fading into obscurity... There are so many other things coming out.

Rooted_Dust3959d ago

Not all games need or require multiplayer aspects. In most cases it's just the same old MP modes like Deathmatch or CTF, but with characters from the game, nothing new or unique.

ChekkinChinz3959d ago

And is it me, or does everyone on R6V online pick the same flipin maps all the time?. Its either Calypso,presido,vault or killhouse. Will someone please play the Wartown map for gosh sakes!

Komrad3959d ago

@4.1 - don't forget LVU... :)

ChekkinChinz3958d ago

And yeah, LVU! Stop picking that same flipin map too!

JPomper3959d ago

So what, tacked on or not I'm glad this game has multiplayer. It's built for it.

If it does truly feel like it's tacked on(I don't trust reviewers too much), then at least we can hope for a patch. I'm just glad it's there and wasn't scrapped because it wasn't perfect.

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