Blu-ray Camp Fires Back At Latest HD DVD Announcements

CNET's Crave posts:
"All the CNET the home-theater editors were contacted, so the PR folks at GCI Group in LA were working overtime, trying to do a little damage control. The basic message was, they may have this, but we have a whole more of that. And, did you hear that the Paramount deal doesn't include any of Speilberg's movies and that the deal only ran for 18 months? Tit for tat. Tat for tit. The war was raging."

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MK_Red4081d ago

Transformers and Shrek 3 are huge mega-sellers. Sony should release the whole Spiderman Trilogy on Blu-ray to counter them, with the help of Pirates 3 and Ratatouille. HD-DVD also has Bourne Ultimatum.

thereapersson4081d ago

The Spiderman trilogy will be released. Gonna run close to 100 bucks though for the 3 movie package, but i'm pretty damn sure you can find it way cheaper easily.

Figboy4081d ago

the store across the street has a buy 2, get one free deal, so, if they are all sold separately, i'll buy Spider-Man 1 and 2, then get 3 for free.

they do this every weekend. i've been using it to my advantage when there's something good on Blu Ray out (which, for now, isn't much, but come this fall, quite a few good titles are hitting).

i don't have anything to add to my comments about this topic; i still think that Paramount is making a mistake, as Blu Ray, indesputably, has more marketshare when it comes to *MOVIES (and, ultimately, that's what matters; the hardware is insignificant to these companies, it's the software sales that matter to the movie studios).

they should have stayed format neutral, and let the consumer decide, like they've been doing all year round.

Dreamworker4081d ago

is Spielberg not Speilberg

gsx-r4081d ago

Your grammar is horrible considering you're correcting someone's spelling

cdzie14081d ago

You can always tell how deep the damage is by how much damage control is done. This one hurt Blu-ray... a lot!

Crazyglues4081d ago

That's a good point, and that statement is so true...

gsx-r4081d ago

one might think you were paid $150M to support it

WoodyWood094081d ago

So 18 months hurt...............They still have all the major movie companies buddy try again!

Crazyglues4081d ago

Of course it's going to hurt if they start releasing movies only HD-DVD format.

Now don't get me wrong of course blu-ray can do the same thing and hurt HD-DVD right back..

But My point was in the end it's the consumer that gets hurt by this... because I want all my movie on Blu-ray and if something comes out that I can't get, now I have to get the DVD.

The war should not be won like this, it should be the consumer who decides what they want to buy. If you like HD-DVD you should be able to get your movie in that format and if you like Blu-ray then get that one.

I have a PS3 so I support Blu-ray because that's what I have but I don't think people who have an HD-DVD should be attacked because they like that one... Pick what you like. In the end it will be which one ends up with more users that will win, or at least that's how it should be not because films are not coming out on that format...

The whole thing just makes me want to stick to the safe bet and only buy DVD's until the war is over.

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BIadestarX4081d ago

"did you hear that the Paramount deal doesn't include any of Speilberg's movies and that the deal only ran for 18 months" that's the weakest response I ever seing...

1st - Speilberg's on HD DVD even if released on blu-ray is a big stap on the face to blu-ray. Blu-ray need exclusive studio support to survive. Consumer will automatically pick cheaper option and name they are familiar with.

2nd - 18 months is a feaken long time. When they say only it's almost as if they know the format war will still be going on 18 month from now. mmmm... how far into digital distribution we will be 18 months from now... with already services like IP TV in place.

doshey4081d ago

Blu-ray need exclusive studio support to survive

u mean hd dvd needs exclusive studios support to survive cuz hd dvd has what like 3, blu ray has like 7

ArmrdChaos4081d ago

The timing of this may very well have the Transformers & Shrek on the shelves right around the holiday season. That coupled with any kind of low priced players may make things really interesting at the end of this year. I really think the magic price point is anywhere from $200 to $250 dollars. Whoever can get their player there first is going to reap the rewards.

As far as the comments of others...I really don't give a damn what other directors or corporations feel about this. They will find out soon enough that the CONSUMERS will decide the next format not them. As far as myself...give me the best tech for the lowest price. That is what consumers care about...not someone else's personal opinion. Put ALL the damn media out on BOTH formats and let us end this thing. I think we are all sick and tired of the content blackmail from BOTH camps.

Anything but Cute4081d ago

This puts blu ray in a desperate position. So things should get interesting.

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