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"We are all very excited here for the release of the new [email protected] (FAH) client for the PS3! This latest update addresses issues in two major areas: user requests and improving the accuracy of the core that we have running on the SPU. In addition, we totally revised the rendering engine for the molecules and added a more sophisticated display format, which is closer to the imagery you find in biology textbooks. This actually required a protocol change and the protein needs to be described in much more detail from Stanford University's side of things. "

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Mu5afir3805d ago

it should tell you to update the client. It's as simple as that.

Bordel_19003805d ago

Is this update US only. I get no automatic update on my PS3 in Norway.

Mu5afir3805d ago

When you open up [email protected] on your Ps3 it should ask you to update.

Mu5afir3805d ago

reduce the time for each WU, so we could do more with less time constraints.

Armyless3805d ago

so that the WU's take roughly the same amount of time to complete regardless of the power of contributing processors. The cell processor gets more complicated protien calculations with 400,000+ and grandpa can throw his 500 folds/protein in and still help... even with his single core PC.

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