GC 2007: Haze Co-op Video Interview

New Video Interview on Haze Co-op mode.

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Antonio_Mex3861d ago

I like the concept of this game, I might pick it up for the Co-op online multiplayer

ALI-G3861d ago

DUD forget about online (PSN) it just will crash, unless you talking about XBL :u get what u pay for

Vertius3861d ago

Heh, crash. The PSN is the one with close to lag-free dedicated servers for it's games. It's a fantastic service, and it's free.

Ortiz833861d ago

I'm really starting to like this game now. When does it come out again...

Ju3861d ago

AFAIK. It looks better every time they are releasing new in game footage. I'll go probably with Graw2 and Haze for my shooters this year.

Scythesean3861d ago

uh did that video talk about co-op at all?

pwnaplaya3861d ago

This game is really shaping up and is greatly being under appreciated. This, UT3, and GRAW 2 are my shooters for this year.