RUMOUR: Michael Bay still on for Transformers 2

In the official Michael Bay forum post website, the site admin states that he just spoke with Michael and he had this to say:

"I spoke to Michael a few minutes ago.

He said he just wants people to know that we should be able to view his movies in the format of our choice. Period.

Nothing more, nothing less."

When the site admin was asked "Does this mean he's still doing Transformers 2 if (when) it's announced officially?"

He respoded "Keep in mind he quit Pearl Harbor abut 4x during pre-production. :) "

Does this mean Transformers 2 is still on?

Also a side note, the thread that stated Michael will not direct Transformers 2 has been deleted or moved.

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sticky doja4109d ago

I know he wants everyone to be able to watch his movie on any format they want, but I'm sure alot of directors from all one sided HD camps feel the same way, from Sony, Fox, Paramount Universal and more.

ALI-G4109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

he will not sh1t where he eat becuse of a stupid format war

KeMoBLUE4109d ago

but i still believe he wold have prefered it on both platforms of course due to the wider audience.

BIadestarX4109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

I am starting to love the "wider audience" argument in order to burn Paramount exclusive deal with HD DVD. Obviously... it's all good for blu-ray to get exclusive movies.. right?

There are lots of movies on blu-ray that I want on HD DVD... how is that for "wider audience"? I am sure that all directors want their movies for everyone.. including HD DVD.

But those Blu-ray exclusive studios will not do it. because they have their own special interest on blu-ray.

Now it comes 1 director that obviously want his movies everywhere... (Notice he didn't say he want it only on blu-ray.. but everywhere).

Sadly for this director... we live in the real world and not the movie world. And HD DVD camp is playing the same game Blu-ray camp is playing. They are trying to divide the movie industry... because by getting exclusive content it is the only way they can force the consumer to adopt one or the other.

Do I want movies to be released on HD DVD only? Hell no! I want them to be released on both. I want the consumer to pick which format is better.. even if they pick Blu-ray.

Sadly the only way to get support for HD DVD is by paying... but what do you expect when a company with such of large influence in the movie industry (They are a movie studio themselves) is behind blu-ray.
It's a given that Sony has more reach than Toshiba.

I say force studios to support both formats (HD DVD & Blu-ray) and let the consumer pick one. What's so bad about doing that?

joevfx4109d ago

well atleast he is on the Fans side of the format war.

Rooted_Dust4109d ago

He wouldn't confirm he was doing the movie untill the day they started shooting.

monkey6024109d ago

It's going to be interesting/frustrating to see if transformers comes to blu-ray now.

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The story is too old to be commented.