Main character of Assassin's Creed, Desmond, gets a new look

Desmond, the main character of the Assassin's Creed-franchise, gets finally after two games a new look. This time he looks more like a modern Assassin. An eye-catcher of the new design is the tattoo that he has on his left arm.

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Kingsora2921d ago

His sweater is much better than his old one ;). Really looking forward to AC: Brotherhood!

Cpt_Yanni2921d ago

can't agree more with you... :) His sweater has something more like 'Ezio' (With the white and red colours... )

SoulramonNL2921d ago

Ezio is back, back in black

ExplosionSauce2920d ago

Does he have a backpack now?
I know it looked cool on Cole, but does Desmond really need it?

FACTUAL evidence2921d ago

At least he looks the same though.....*coughDANTEcough*

gamerzBEreal172921d ago

wow positive feed back? i came into this thinking it would be the same as infamous2 and DmC

Buttons2921d ago

I did too, but then I realized new Desmond actually still looks like old Desmond

Noctis2921d ago

Make the sweater available for purchase in real life and ill buy it without thinking it twice. Seriously I've been searching everywhere for an Assassins Creed sweater look a like.

Takoulya2921d ago

I wish that were the case, although it would be quite expensive. Imagine going trick-or-treating with a twist; AC Cosplay instead of traditional costumes.

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Junkeyz2921d ago

Wow, like the tattoo !

Gandalf2921d ago

He's gonna be pickin' up all the ladies now. It's in his blood.

Redempteur2921d ago

well he is picking a lot of ezio skills ..

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The story is too old to be commented.