Why gamers should be watching Chuck

Chuck may be one of the most popular comedies on TV, but gamers should be fascinated by the numerous gamer references in the show too. Here's why Chuck's actors earn serious nerd cred with gamers across the world.

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SuperStrokey11232859d ago

Well at least the first 2 seasons of Chuck... those were awesome

Miraak82 2859d ago

what are you talking about, the third season was as epic if not more then the first 2 seasons and the forth season( granted its only its 1st episode ) seems like shits gonna hit the fan .... love chuck , one of my fav shows

SuperStrokey11232859d ago

Im not through the 3rd season yet but so far its very very disappointing compared to the first 2. The plot twist at the end of 2 was kinda lame. Its not bad by any means just that its not nearly as good.