You Can't Make Me Move, Sony

Motley Fool writes: "Unfortunately, the die-hard gamers playing on Xbox 360 and PS3 systems aren't cut from the same demographic cloth. Teens and young adults don't want to get up from their rockers or beanbags unless the Mountain Dew runs dry. Donning headsets for multiplayer action, their only real exercise feat is reaching over to the Cheetos bag between levels."

"Sure, they got up for a moment. Activision Blizzard's Guitar Hero and Viacom's Rock Band got folks jamming air guitar to rhythmic games, but that peaked two years ago. Gamers are sitting down again, gunning down folks in Call of Duty or playing Electronic Arts' Madden NFL 11 like the armchair quarterbacks that they are. If you don't believe me on that last point, ask yourself why the two best-selling video games last month were Madden for the Xbox 360 and the PS3."

"Sony and Microsoft have a lot to prove -- and they will fail at it with this year's so-called evolutionary controller enhancements."

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Otheros002918d ago

They move you enough to make the article. :D

Christopher2918d ago

I am none of the following
- a teen
- young adult
- person who drinks Mountain Dew
- person who eats Cheetos

Anyone else getting sick and tired of these gamer stereotypes?

Cevapi882918d ago

someone must fit that description for them to disagree with

and good point about his description of say that 40 million gamers on both the 360 and Ps3 are as how he describes them, shows that there was no logic or sound reasoning behind ragging on the everything that the wii has been able to do is basically contradicting everything he wrote in his article

Blaine2918d ago

The only evidence out there disproves his stereotype: the wii's success shows people (gamers) are willing to move, and GH and RB shows gamers are willing to get off their couches.

Where's his evidence to back his stereotype? Doesn't exist. This guy know nothing about games, and even less about gamers (less than nothing... yeah!).

nycredude2918d ago

Oh shit the Motley Fool! Are you serious these douches are the worst in the investment industry. All they do is write BS articles bashing stocks and to sway the market. Now they are doing articles on Move? I think the hate is strong with this one... Sony hit a nerve.

frostypants2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Motley Fool actually has a pretty damn good track record, even if they do occasionally release dreck like this.

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SeanScythe2917d ago

I'm 28 and I have a level 13 on my PSN account making me a hardcore gamer.

I own move and it's great. So this artical is false.
Resident Evil 5 with move is so much better. The tumble game is really cool and I can't wait for KZ3 and Socom.

frostypants2917d ago

I normally LOVE The Motley's an awesome site for stock investing. I strongly recommend it.

But this article is pretty much insulting to all gamers, and is based on ASSumptions.

theonlylolking2918d ago

There are only a few great games that are out for move so you shouldnt even be expecting much yet.

BTW FPS with MOVE need to get rid of there huge deadzone. I dont want to have to move my crosshairs near the edge of the screen just to turn around. They said MOVE is as good as Mouse but it wont be if I cant even turn around fast enough.

saf1007922918d ago

thing is its actually quite fast to turn around since its pinpoint accuracy just aim off the screen and its intant. Dualshocks uses scroll accuracy where you have to wait for the crosshairs. Its not like that with the move

Blaine2918d ago

So Move is a mix between mouse and dual-analog input; it's 1:1 like a mouse inside the deadzone, but it's scrolling on the edges of the screen. I guess if you take out the deadzone entirely then it just becomes like analog aiming: scrolling.

I just feel like I'd get annoyed with having to push the screen all the time. I really need to try before I buy in this case. I'm a huge fan of FPSs, but I'm already so good with dual analog that I'm not convinced Move could make me any better, and on top of that I think it would annoy me... Any demo stations out now?!

theonlylolking2917d ago

I played the wii shooters and I hate it so when I got the conduit and changed the deadzone and sensitivity and acceleration stuff it was nearly as great as a mouse.

tiamat52918d ago

Yes I agree. You people should wait for Kinect. You have so many games. Ummmm. Oh yeah. The dance game and the dance game. oh yeah and the other dance game. And the invisible animals game. Oh yeah how could we forget the Sonic Riders game that was crappy even with the controller. And the ugly racing game where you press pedals with your hands, oh yeah and the other dance game.And that awkward fighting game and the soccer game where you can't run around and you stay still like a statue. Wow. That is so much better than Move's line up. Better go cancel my Move controller perorder and sell my PS3 to buy a 360 and a Kinect *laughs* sorry I just couldn't say that with a straight face

xandmar2918d ago

I guess I can only ask the PS3 group right now. My question are to the gamers who never got the Wii and are now moving into this genre. Is it pulling you away from the controller games? Is it just a fad? Do you see yourself getting bored with it easily? is it worth it?

I really want to know since I'm thinking about getting one of these things but was never really into this level of interactivity. Would hate to waste the money on something that's eventually just going to sit there....You know?

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