Which is Worst: $15 Map Packs or Being Charged for Content that is Already on the Disc?

Being charged $15 dollars for a map pack that contains old maps is about as underhanded as it get, but is it worse than being charged to unlock something that is already on the disc that you payed $60 for?

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theonlylolking2888d ago

Being charged for what is on disc.

I already paid $60 why should I pay extra for what I already payed for?

electricshadow2888d ago

Content that is on the disc already should be free.

TheHater2888d ago

Why should I purchase a game for $65+ and then have to spend extra to unlock all the contents on the disk after I purchase the game? I refuse to buy games from Capcom and NamicoBandai because their games are notorious for have paid DLC for conetns that is already on the disk.
What I hate more is when companies release paid DLC for games that aren't release as yet. Look at Tiger Woods and Capcom games. 99% of the times, there is paid contents already available for purchase and the games aren't even out yet.

FragGen2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

I think lame blogs that can't form a grammatically correct headline are "worst". /sarcasm

But, seriously, expensive DLC is lame but charging for unlocks of on-disc DLC when games retail for $60 is like *robbery*.

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LeeRoyJenkins2888d ago

DLC is great. When a developer extends a game's life with DLC it's a pleasure to play and pay for it. But, I think pricing is relative. In a game like COD a map pack can literally give you 10's or even 100's of extra hours of gameplay. Many gamers would still be playing the original maps on CODMW2 evenif there wasnt an exspansion. So for 30 more they get all the extra maps and even though many wouldn't admit they love getting to play their favorite maps from MW1 on the new game.

dangert122888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

i can play alan wake for the rest of my life
whats your point?


Bubbles to ya windex

I've got a friend who i was telling about the cons in DLC and until recently he kept saying he don't care he likes these devs he will support them
then oddly when he got his ps3 i'm not sure why he had a charge of heart now his telling his friends about on disc pay to unlock dlc and there not listening to him and it gets him angry ironic huh

Hold tight all the people with more money then sense your just as bad as the developers IMO

Windex2888d ago

u realize this is why MS is charging extra for everything. right?

cause fanboys like you are willing to pay extra because of the blind devotion you have for MS. and MS is taking advantage of you.

LeeRoyJenkins2888d ago

Nothing is free in this world.

theonlylolking2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

air is free

Pillville2888d ago


not at the gas station.

Xfanboy2888d ago

The console players who accept it?? just cuz its CoD!!