Good Old Games To Relaunch Tomorrow, With New Site And Baldur's Gate

“There were really a lot of hints,” said Good Old Games, the digital download site which unceremoniously ’closed’ at the weekend. “You were expecting it, and we now confirm it: we are back with a brand new website.” So there you go. It launches at 1PM UK time tomorrow. Whoop-de-do.

In a bizarre press conference this evening, Good Old Games’ management appeared dressed as monks. Surprise, surprise: a pack of Baldur’s Gate and its expansion, including several additional goodies, is to be included in the service too, as rumoured yesterday. It’ll cost $9.99. It was officially announced as “the big surprise” at the end of the press conference, despite having been clearly present in the demonstration of the games library right at the start.

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CrzyFooL2860d ago

Haiyooo. Pretty sure everyone saw this coming, but it is welcome news indeed. There's no such thing as bad press. Marketing stunt = SUCCESS

Letros2860d ago

Baldur's Gate 2, Bioware's best work still to this day, amazing game.

troll2860d ago

Damn straight! Baldurs Gate and the original Fallout series still reign supreme!

Sez 2860d ago

Hot damn. Now I don't have to look around for the rest on my disk just to re-install the game back on my pc.

Chris_TC2860d ago

A prank, eh? I hope Steam buys these suckers up asap.

Zinc2860d ago

Whenever you screw with someone's money... you create problems. Their customers thought they were getting screwed. It's no wonder that many of them are upset.

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