Top Gear Coming To Consoles?

TSA writes: "Salt shaker at the ready, file this strictly under rumour and gossip but there has been mention of the BBC show ‘Top Gear’ on consoles.

An interview at MCV with BBC Worldwide’s vice president for digital entertainment, Robert Nashak, states that the BBC hired him because ‘BBC Worldwide needed a games specialist, one that not only knows consoles, but PC, online, casual, mobile.’"

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yoghurt2886d ago

Maybe it is just to do with Top Gear content that is featured in GT5?

Immortal3212886d ago

and will destroy whatever credibility they have.

StanLee2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

I love Jeremy, Rich and James but the guys have sought of become caricatures now. The show is still funny but they're more buffoons now than anything else.

Tommykrem2886d ago

I believe the word you're looking for is Gods. Not buffoons.

Anyway, wasn't Top Gear the show on GTTV (from GT5p and soon to be in GT5)

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LostDjinn2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

The three English guys that host the show make it special. A Top Gear game would be just awful. Some second rate game with voice overs from the afore mentioned guys? That would grate on my nerves after a very short period of time. If it happens it may sell a few copies but a good game I just can't see it being.

negrito2112886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

first nascar and this. why spend 60 dollars each and you can buy it all in GT5

cased closed

Chubear2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

It is the ultimate racing experience all in one package

You want off Road? You got it
You want F1? You got it
You want sim? You got it
You want Arcade? You got it
You want Nascar? You got it
You want quick race? You got it
You want endurance race? You got it

*All mixed in with the most authentic tuning customization you'll ever see (you can actually tune any car in GT with your specs and have it done in real life on your car and it'll be dead close)

*The most authentic tracks from around the world

*The most authentic vehicle sounds bar none

*Great value features for automobile enthusiast like Top Gear Car show and Photo modes specifically created to capture that whole car nut universe feel

Weather you like racing a little and a complete automobile nutjob, GT has it all for you and all for $60. You would have to spend over $300 to get all the racing experiences you get in this one game somewhere else.

Now do you understand why many just shook their heads and were disgusted when marketing buzzword ploys like "DEFINITIVE" were used to dog on this game to make another, with not even 1/10th the quality and content as GT5, seem better or just as good, to intentionally deceive ill-informed consumers?

If you're a racing fan and of ANY sort and say you're not buying GT5 or not going to experience it in anyway then there's only 2 words in can think of for that


If you listen to FUD like "lol, teh trees!" "teh grass iz low rez" "teh rear view is teh 2D lolz" "no damage" or "you can't put master chief logo on da hood"

then there is just no helping you and you deserve all the hyped mediocrity you get.

tallandmerciless2886d ago

I want F1 but I won't be going anywher near GT5 for it, they've always done a terrible job of F1 cars.

Cat2886d ago

I'm totally psyched that GT5 has the test track, etc. - but there haven't been any details released on this Top Gear game, for all we know it will be challenges that have you torching caravans or driving a Reliant (though I'd love it if we could drive the Reliant Robin in GT5 LOL). All this to say - it's going to be a completely different game and experience from GT5.

despair2886d ago

First the identity of The Stig is revealed and now a Top Gear game...ah its a sign of the endtimes.

punisher992886d ago

Top Gear should be featured in GT5 and advertised heavily in europe. If it does it will probably sell 10 million on day one.

despair2886d ago

top gear is in GT5, they have the Stig and the Top Gear track, also video content should be available via GTTV

punisher992886d ago

They should advertise it. Because Top Gear is huge in Europe.

nefertis2886d ago

@punisher99 I dont know why somebody would disagree with u.

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