Raychul Moore is the Hottest Journalist and Gamer

Raychul Moore is not your ordinary girl, she loves gaming, writing reviews for various publications than giving you a battle on a game of Halo. She also enjoys the Uncharted franchise.

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Cinotix2773d ago

I'd beat her in any game of Modern Warfare, than geez on them nice tatas.

FanboysWillHateMe2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

I'm blaming N4G users.

edit: Raychul? Really? C'mon now...

-Mezzo-2773d ago

Ok, when am i getting crowned as the hottest male gamer. cheez com'on.

ATi_Elite2773d ago

Meh she seems kinda OK

I'll take Porn star Asia Carrera over this chick any day of the week.

Asia has an IQ over 150 and owns all in Unreal Tournament.

Christopher2773d ago

She may be a gamer girl, but she's not selling her gaming cred or journalistic capabilities, she's selling her looks.

This is not what the community needs. Just look at Cinotix' comment and you'll see why. I don't come here to see some idiot talk about how he'd 'hit that' as if he's ever have the chance, I come here for video game news.

Caspel2773d ago

wow, I love how KokuGamer does it again -- steals a video from another website and puts it on their own and promotes it as their own. Lame.

JLeVRT2773d ago

She kinda looks like an old hooker in the photo above...

TheHater2772d ago

was she saying something...I couldn't stop looking at your tits :)

fastrez2772d ago

Alex Sim-Wise is thehottest game journalist on the planet. The proof is here


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xTHRASHx2773d ago

lol she looks so uncomfortable playing games. She plays it like my mom would.

Ziriux2773d ago

While I do agree but she's properly seating, and not bending her back, so this way it'll prevent her from looking like quazimodo. Good for her. She's fine I have to admit, if I could play games with that, than tap it. Well than life is complete.

Theonik2773d ago

What about tapping while playing games? :P

PirateThom2773d ago

Camera: Pan down... chest... I mean, controller. There, now it's legit.

Ziriux2773d ago

Right all it take is two minutes of the girl holding the control, showing her swing Krato's chains and it's official.

xTHRASHx2773d ago

Oh... trolly troll troll falmebaity mcgee

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The story is too old to be commented.