Media Create hardware sales (9/13 - 9/19)

Media Create has published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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pspgweber2924d ago

Wow... PSP is the top sale. Maybe people are getting ready for the upcoming game Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.

xxxprettiboyxxx2924d ago

DSi – 47,379
DSi LL – 31,254
PSP – 29,866
PS3 – 21,096
Wii – 14,833
DS Lite – 7,137
Xbox 360 – 5,804
PS2 – 1,390
PSP go – 863

For comparison’s sake, here are the hardware numbers from last week.

PSP – 30,761
PS3 – 19,907
DSi LL – 19,076
DSi – 16,345
Wii – 15,031
DS Lite – 4,328
Xbox 360 – 2,915
PS2 – 1,363
PSP go – 809

chazjamie2924d ago

glad to see the wii is dying.

glad to see that ms wasted their money in japan.

Seferoth752924d ago

Yeah with sales on par with PS3 for most of its life it is dying fast... LOL fanboys are so stupid.

thedisagreefairy2924d ago

in japan. in america and europe, its still going strong. its dropping in sales in those places but still outselling ps3 and 360, sadly.

i want to say the wii sucks hard and i hope it dies, but i cant overlook some of the fantastic games that came out on it like mario, zelda, and metroid. so instead of dying, i hope its sales drop enough so that on nintendos next machine, there will be more support for 3rd party companies and more accurate precision with wiimote.

Brklynty12924d ago

milked or not(i dont believe it is) the power of Pokémon is immense look what it did to DS sales...

alb18992924d ago

100% up for 360....wao is incredible what Halo can do!

GodHandDee2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Pokemon did wonders for DS sales, well done.

PS3 ahead of Wii, again.

360? lol

N4PS3Fanboys2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

This really shows how little impact Japan has on the overall worldwide sales. In Japan, it currently goes:

1. PS3
2. Wii
3. 360

And worldwide it currently goes:

1. 360
2. Wii
3. PS3

With the 360 and Wii swapping back and forth between first place in the last couple weeks.


Nope, I did nothing but state facts.

A Cupcake for Gabe2924d ago


360 is far from #1

eagle212924d ago

Wii is ahead of both by over 36 million. Dream on... :)

jokia0052924d ago

japanese:Halo? what is that? is it tasty?

Britney Spears2924d ago

seems like hardware will be back to wed instead of thur which is nice since now software and hardware can release simultaneously. Wii is down a but and PS3 is actually up a bit,seems like front mission helped slightly. PS3 increased it's ytd lead over wii. Will be interesting to see if they can stay with it and win the year. Last yer they got close but wii came back with the holiday and that mario game.

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