Red Dead Redemption: Liars And Cheats Pack Review (RunDLC)

Rockstar’s back with more Wild West themed DLC for its critically acclaimed open world adventure, Red Dead Redemption. The recently released Liars and Cheats Pack adds a wealth of new content to the game, giving you the opportunity to race, gamble and make a grand entrance with an explosive new weapon, all for 800 Microsoft Points/$9.99.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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JohnApocalypse2887d ago

The only thing I find interesting is Stronghold. But just that isn't worth 800msp to me

Lirky2887d ago

The horseracing is great especially when u dodge every shot from someone since u have to make bullets count because of the ammo

ppl run out and then u can speed your way to freedom.

Stronghold is fun but choas.