Is Japan fighting a losing battle?

With the 2010 Tokyo Game Show now over GameCentral takes stock and wonders whether the spiritual home of gaming is getting ready for a comeback.

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NYC_Gamer2918d ago

its really too late....Japanese devs will never have the huge success they crave in the west.....their games just dont appeal too alot of westerners...they should just worry about the fan base thats supporting them

GSpartan7772918d ago

But exactly what you said. The risk way less keeping their fans and trying to bring new people to their franchise then making a complete change the risk of a huge percentage of their fanbase trying to aim for a crowd that is not there.

xino2918d ago

The main problem with Japanese developers is that they are single minded and do not want to evolve!

When you look at their games, they are always in series of events or using the same methods. If Capcom had made DmC reboot Dante would look the same, thanks to Ninja Thoery who are not single minded decided to change overall Dante, I mean for goodness sake it's a reboot!

If we wanted a Resident Evil reboot; why should we expect the same character from previous RE games? Again onto improving character over reboot, we have Konami who completely change Gabriel for Castlevania Lords of Shadow.

Again the sort of games we see from Japan always consist of the same method much like how NowGamer explained the other day. Same personality characters, stereotype, anime, kids, anime like character etc

The only way to save Japan gaming industry is to go back to the routes! Make games they are good at and come up with new gameplays.

tunaks12917d ago

Japan = Nintendo + Sony
they cant possibly loose.

maruyuki2917d ago

i guess nintendo just doesnt count huh? lol

and we are just going to pretend that gran turismo 5 the most sold racing game ever and the last guardian aren't coming out LOL

oh yeah and we are also going to forget that square enix exists too huh LOL