8.0's EagleEye Review

Whenever someone's had the experience of playing a first person shooter on a PC, they can tell that all the controls using the keyboard and mouse just work better for that style of game than the console controllers that are essentially made to help out everybody across all genres of games. So Penguin United has taken this idea and ran with it as they've created the EagleEye for PS3 to make your standard keyboard and mouse into something far more deadly.

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Jacobite2919d ago

I want this,the only reason is I prefer K&M for fps, and other games like Racing, Platform and third person shooters I'm quite happy with a joypad no problem, but fps like Halo, Black, COD, R1, R2, Haze & KZ2 seem kind of awkward not as smooth at times, kind of frustrating some folk say more practice, but I dont get the same enjoyment as I do from the PC fps. For me this seems a handy piece of equipment worth a try at least.