Light-Painting with the Move

Here's an idea: Light-paint with the PS Move controller. This is what it looks like.

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AutoCad2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

I thought you were supposed to play games with that.?

No FanS Land2859d ago

this is awesome, I hope LBP2 uses some kind of painting system (if it uses move that is) to create structures we want on the tip of our fingers :D

outrageous2859d ago

The first thing he said was " It's a blatant rip off of the Wii sports package "...Hmmm...I've never heard that before...doesn't he know Sony inventing EVERYTHING gaming I here???...7/10 for the review.

Imperator2858d ago

So any sports compilation game is a rip-off of wii sports now? LMAO. Sports Champions is leaps and bounds ahead of Wii Sports. If you played it, you would know.

tiamat52859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

They need to add that to Beat Sketchers. It would be epic to watch your pictures glow.Also would make a great effect for spell casting in a game.

Relientk772859d ago

what the hell is that lol

its like one second long


granthinds2858d ago

Ye, just wish we had more time to work on it. Relient K is so awesome! :D