360 Magazine: Old Games Are Rubbish

Or so say the majority of colleagues when discussing oh… pretty much anything re-realised onto XBLA that’s not got improved textures, 1080p resolution, a wide screen, 7.1 sound (for your stereo TV, you buffoon), extra levels, a modern HUD system, and the ability to shoot Peter Molyneux in the face as he strafes out of a lift.

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LostDjinn2860d ago

but can you list the 360 games that do include native 1080p res or 7.1 channel sound? No really. I'd like to see that list.

playnation2860d ago

haha i agree with you... ;) but actually the article talks about how games that were OMFG games when we were young, now are like simple games with basic gameplay and much less player interactions with the environment and less animated objects etc.

kancerkid2859d ago

that has nothing to do with the article, you crazed fanboy. Enjoy starting flame wars do yah?

Dasteru2860d ago

The 360 itself only supports 5.1 audio output.

n4gno2859d ago

"but can you list the 360 games that do include native 1080p res or 7.1 channel sound"

easy, All (or almost all).

native =/= upscale.

Dasteru2859d ago

Native and upscaled are not the same, also that still doesnt account for the 7.1 audio which no 360 game has since the system itself only supports up to 5.1

Natsu X FairyTail2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

There's TONS of OLD games that are Better than New

I'll play Zelda Ocarina of times and Jet force Gemini over Halo-1-2-3-ODST-Reach. I'll play EArthbound on Snes Over a couple of Rpgs out there *caugh* Final Fantasy13 *caugh*

Castlevania vanquish next month! niceeee

peowpeow2860d ago

This Chrono Trigger..would it be as good now for someone who hasn't played it before? :)

hay2860d ago

If you're a graphics whore or lover of nonsensical details like "more animations" or modern trends in gaming(physics engines, shaders, over the top pompous music/story, terrible emo characters or cliche super soldiers), no. But if you look for substance in games, CT is way to go.
The game has different endings(not the crappy 2-minute variations Fallout 3 did) with more than hundred hours to complete, fun gameplay(not the x-mashing nonsense FF13 treated us with), had better storyline than most games today but told with a bit archaic storytelling techniques.
You just need to get past the BS in form of awesome graphics with very little to none content they call "next generation".

peowpeow2860d ago

Sounds like the game for me. I mean I love my graphics, but I don't look down on older games because of their graphics and whatnot :D

hay2860d ago

It's worth to try. In worst case you won't like it. Nothing to lose.

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blumatt2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Old games aren't rubbish on the PS3 where old trilogies are remastered and brought up to HD with trophies on one blu ray disc for $60 or less. (i.e., Sly collection, Mortal Kombat collection, etc.) I'm just waiting for a GTA collection on PS3 that includes GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas. I'd pay big bucks for that and so would many others.

yewles12860d ago

MK Collection will be multi, GTA Collection will be multi, GoW and Sly Collections didn't even cost $50... way too many things wrong with that post.

sunnygrg2860d ago

He never mentioned that those titles are "exclusive" and he also mentioned the cost being $60 "or less."

blumatt2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

What sunnygrg said. lol
Edit: Also, the GTA collection may or may not be multiplatform. It depends on whether or not Sony shells out the dough for exclusivity. I wish they would because you and I both know that if it's an exclusive for the PS3 it will be on ONE blu ray disc and have upgraded visuals to boot.

rumplstilts2860d ago

They aren't "remakes" those are ports.

wedgie2860d ago

I only just recently downloaded both final fantasy 7 and 9. It was not remastered or anything and it was great. Really enjoyed it. I also got Marvel V. Capcom 2 and it only seemed to have the online component. Still an extremely fun game.

Oldies but goodies. Called classics for a reason.

KiL-shablogin2860d ago

i want this game remastered!!! really only rpg(turn based) that i ever got into besides super mario rpg on nintendo lol

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