Playstation Blog: Netflix Streaming its Way to Canada Today

"Now your PlayStation 3 is able to stream from Netflix right to your TV, letting you chose from thousands of movie and TV episodes; watch as much as you want, whenever you want. To get started simply look for the Netflix icon under the video icon in your XMB."
-Playstation Blog


US Netflix Users can create a Canadian Account and download the app and use it on there main account

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xxxprettiboyxxx2918d ago

nexflix app no more instant streaming disk!

keep the apps coming

rroded2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

for us canuks for a fraction of what cable charges us we can get on demand tv and movies right on the ps3 in hd sweet

n we dont have ta pay extra live fees ta get it

My AV is gonna starve with everyone getting in on the superior free service.

-Alpha2918d ago

Omg this is cool, and it's Dexter :D

WildArmed2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Dexter S5 new episode airs in 4 days

Yay for XMB Netflix in Oct for us NA users ;)

Ivan Drago IV2918d ago

Wow so according to this you don't even need to be a plus memeber to get disc less streaming. Unlike that other console which makes you pay for xbox live gold to get netflix streaming. Way to go Sony!

BulletProofVess2918d ago

where microsoft limits what you can do on your xbox without live

sony allows all users the same access to all the functions of the ps3

as plus only makes updates effortless and has exclusive content from time to time

bobdog6262918d ago

Who had it First ,Hum So much for Bluray Lol

gta_manic2918d ago

nice try but that was weak buddy. Try trolling harder next time troll

Pillville2918d ago


PC had it first.

Godmars2902918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

The whole thing with Hulu is part of some screener process for the beta. A limited promotion. Otherwise PS+ has only been about game, frequent PSN buyer, stuff.

Also, haven't heard that Netflix streaming has gone disc-less on the PS3 yet. The article just talks about "streaming" being available in Canada.

Jeff2572918d ago

It says in the article that the app will be avaiable for Canada to use today. Here in the US we have to keep using the disc until Oct when the app will launch. Then all you need to access it is a netflix account and can go straight to it from the xmb.

Yuprules2918d ago

Too bad Canadian Xbox 360 gamers have to wait till "This Fall", although the Mac and PC version is out today. Wii owners can order a disc right now though, but you'll have to wait for it to arrive before you can watch anything. $8 a month is cheap. Watch those BANDWIDTH CAPS on your dsl/cable bill though!

Jeff2572918d ago

Good news for Canada. I wish we were getting the app today though instead of waiting till Oct. But hey at least I can still use Netflix with my disc like I have been for the past year or so. Still great for Sony to offer this to anyone with a PS3 and a Netflix account for no additional fee.

Munky2918d ago

Wow, are you serious? Not available in Canada yet? Netflix was on the 360 long before it was ever on the PS3 and the Wii, but they can't manage to get the service up and running in Canada at the same time as the other consoles? Odd and disappointing at the same time.

creeping judas2918d ago

Government regulations have held it back. They need to ensure sufficient amount of CanCon material before it can be released here in Canada.

Munky2918d ago

Agreed, but that no longer seems to be a hurdle since the service is now available on the Wii and PS3 but not on the 360 for some reason. Now I know that they did mention they were working on a premium service on the 360 at one point, so my only guess is that the delay is due to that. I just hope we get the service on the 360 sooner then later.

creeping judas2918d ago

I believe it will be rolled out for the 260 with the new fall update.

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