GameBlurb: What happened to 2D?

I’ve always had a love for 2D sprites. I could not wait for HD fighters that fully matched the quality of anime-style art on which they were based. I basically imagined interactive anime with beautifully detailed characters and animations. Little did I know that gaming was moving towards an emphasis on achieving realism and away from cultivating distinct style.

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theonlylolking2861d ago

Its because those games cannot match up to what we have now.

jaidek2861d ago

I would take a classic, HD, 2D game over any of the hundreds of generic FPS's out there today.

liquidxtension2861d ago

Come on. There are a lot of awesome 2d games that are better than some full retail games. Castle crashers for example.

Kiroe2861d ago

And Scott Pilgrim vs The World. One of the most fun games I have played this year.

The_Beast2860d ago

3d happend. not the new 3d tvs and all that crap. just 3d graphics :)

MicrocutsX22861d ago

It's such a shame King of Fighters didn't do so well but I was extremely mesmerized by their pixel perfect animated sprites. It just looked so amazing in motion.

Gue12861d ago

Blazblue looks amazing too.

kndy2861d ago

yea kof XII wasn't so great, snk put more time into the art style and animation than gameplay, netcode, arcade mode, and well... everything else. don't get me wrong, i whole heartedly think that game is beautiful and that just makes me more excited for XIII, which uses the same sprites. i just hope snk listens to their fans this time around. if so, day one purchase for me

junk3d2861d ago

I think the appeal for 2d games nowadays is that they stand out and are different from the rest. Very similar to how 3d was years ago. It was highly unique in the sea of 2d games.

AntoineDcoolette2861d ago

I remember when Odin Sphere released a few years back, had to have it because of the crisp colorful 2D graphics and overall art direction. (norse mythology ftw) Really hope those rumors of HD Odin Sphere & Murasama (sp) PSN / Live remakes are true!

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