PS+ - AC:B Beta and Automatic Downloads for Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

PlayStation Plus continues to build up steam with October’s first publish. However, before that, next Tuesday Plus members with Automatic Downloads enabled will have Lara Croft’s first PSN adventure, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light pushed to their console. Square Enix will be bringing the iconic Tomb Raider vixen to the PlayStation Store on September 28 for $14.99. Also to highlight the Lara Croft release Plus members will also be offered the PS one classic, Tomb Raider at a 50% discount.

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BulletProofVess2919d ago

AC:BH beta & Red Faction Battle Grounds Beta

The_Count2919d ago

This is bullshit. I can get in the AC neta anyway with my pre order.

Hellsvacancy2919d ago

"Select" PlayStation Plus members will get their hands on the first-ever multiplayer modes of the Assassin’s Creed franchise

Hmmm, so even if u r a PS+ member u may not get in

despair2919d ago

thats just the way it is, more PS+ members than space available in the betas mean some people(with my luck probably me) will not get into each beta.

TheBalloMan2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Wait, what about European PS+ users? Do we still get the chance for the beta?
And what exactly does it mean about the Tomb Raider PSN game - does it mean if you hve Automatic Downloads on, it comes free?

This article is so unclear lol

Focker-4202919d ago

Thats what I wanna know... What does automatic downloads have to do with Lara Croft??

The_Claw2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

ps+ users with auto download turned on will get the lara croft DEMO pushed to their systems. do you honestly think your going to get a brand new game for free? the devs have to make their money first. thats why you only get really old titles from ps+. im a day one subscriber, but ps+ is full of fail IMO. now im entered into raffles for betas? gimme a break.

Roper3162919d ago

I agree and if everything stays the way it is I will not be renewing my subscription.

mushroomwig2919d ago

Does Automatic Downloads work correctly for you guys? It's very strange, some days it works perfectly and updates games I have (like LBP) along with PS+ demos, other days it downloads completely random videos for games I've never shown an interest in and it doesn't download firmware updates like Sony said it would.

The_Claw2919d ago

ya mine never works correctly either. i should of had 3.50 installed when i got home from work...nope. and i never get anything pushed.

ViperX22919d ago

I think only one time it automatically downloaded some update. It doesn't seem to work very well. I don't see why they don't let you choose which game to auto update, and if you want to auto download demos when the PS Store is updated, because it certainly doesn't work correctly on its own.

Sprud2919d ago

Seems to work for me. All the firmwares have been ready for install after work hours. Other stuff like demos and patches I'm not sure if come at the right time because I don't know when they are released.

Vip3r2919d ago

What are automatic downloads? Is that playing a game online and downloading content at the same time?

Roper3162919d ago

no your PS3 will DL FW updates, demos & game patches for you. You just set what time you want it to DL them. Then your PS3 will turn itself on DL your items and then turn itself off. So usually people will either set it for late at night while they are sleeping or during the day when they are at work

ViperX22919d ago

Except it doesn't work very well...

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