Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit demo ?

Craig Sullivan has hinted through his twitter.

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Prcko2797d ago

Me want,gieffff adrenalineeee!!!!

HOSe2797d ago

this game is gonna be super. maybe even worth buying over gt5

negrito2112797d ago

keep buying your milked games every year. i dont know how people do it. most of these games that are released year after year are just rehashed junk but yet people still keep wasting money on them. gamers now days are so stupid and suckers same with COD and madden etc. save your money for real games. i be your game collection is 3 games with 5 sequels of the same game

electricshadow2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

U mad? Yeah, u mad. Here's an observation: His opinion might be different than yours. What do you care what he spends his money on? Let him. I, for one, am looking forward to this game much more than GT5. I'm more of a fan of arcade racers than racing sims. It all comes down to personal preference. Try not to sound so ignorant next time. Kthx.

EDIT: At the disagree, care to explain why or do you just feel better pressing it?

Twilightx72797d ago

Criterion has an amazing track record of incredible Burnout games, and here they are making a reboot of the Hot Pursuit franchise, which might very well be the best of the series. That's considered milking/rehashing? You can stick with only buying "real games," which in MOST cases are exactly that - rehashes of existing games - while the rest of us non-ignorant folks can enjoy the best of both worlds. If your game collection is made up of nothing but original IPs with zero sequels, then I'd say your game collection is also relatively small - and while they mean well, half of them probably suck.

xX TriiCKy Xx2797d ago

Is you mad? You wanna talk about it? Here's a nice little Original IP for you to cry on.

Si-Fly2797d ago

Worth buy aswell as, definately not instead of!

BYE2797d ago

I played both GT2 and NFS3: Hot Pursuit on PS1.

They were both must have titles! The same is gonna be the case this year.

Domer252797d ago

Bring it-------------!

Si-Fly2797d ago

That Tweet sounds more like there won't be a demo, unless I'm reading it wrong ... ?!

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