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jazzking20012735d ago

looks good
i wish i had a PSP

RageAgainstTheMShine2735d ago

I'm still having a blast with Dissidia on my PSP

Valay2735d ago

I have no idea what Square Enix is doing with this trailer right now. They put it up on the official site, took down the site, and are taking off videos uploaded to YouTube.

Optical_Matrix2735d ago

Theres somnething about the game that feels different. When playing as Cloud he definitely felt different to how he did in the first Dissida. Lightning plays like a dream. They've implemented her Paradigms well into the game. Just tap L+R and you can switch up between commando, ravager and medic and when you do so, she'll have similar abilities to those she uses as those roles in the actual game. Definitely can't wait for this one.

darthdevidem012735d ago

What there are paradigms for Lightning?

But isn't that a bit unbalanced if other dissidia characters don't have paradigms? Just a bit confused sorry.

LeonVesper2735d ago

Lightning will have the COM/RAV/MED Paradigms
Apparently the Final Fantasy Wiki managed to pull out her entire skill set, but this list isn't final. Just a good indication of what her attacks will be.


To answer your second question, isn't it unfair that Cecil Harvey has two attack style variations? The player can switch between the light and the darkness at will during a fight to take the enemy on properly. So we can't be told for sure if Lightning's attacks will be overpowered if you can switch from attack to magic at will.

In 2011, we will see.

darthdevidem012735d ago

Thanks for all the info!! Sound interesting, its good to see each character is even more unique now!!

IrishYamato2735d ago

Does anyone know if all of the characters have been confirmed yet?.

rezzah2735d ago

lol you got a disagree for asking a question.

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The story is too old to be commented.