Critical Gamer: TGS 2010: The 3rd Birthday hands-on impressions

Critical Gamer writes: Square-Enix are returning to the Parasite Eve canon in the form of The 3rdBirthday on the PSP. A spin-off of sorts, it’s a third person over the shoulder shooter set in the near future, featuring our familiar heroine Aya Brea. The 3rd Birthday was one of the most impressive portable demos on show at TGS, looking and controlling great on Sony’s portable.

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scruffy_bear2924d ago

Looking forward to getting my hands on with a new Parasite Eve

Mondayding2924d ago

I'm not going to get it. Ask me why!

Cubes2924d ago

Parasite Eve was really good at the time. I hope this keeps ip the good reputation!