D+PAD Magazine: Tumble Reviewed

D+PAD Magazine writes:

You have to admire developers who put their game on the line at the launch day for a particular product, be it a new console or in this case, Sony’s new motion controller, the Playstation Move. Sure, they might get more attention than would probably be possible elsewhere in the lifespan of such hardware, but as we’ve seen in the past, they can also fall foul of a diminished development schedule and newness to hardware specifications resulting in a substandard finished product. But then, all publicity is good publicity, right? Well…

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callahan092883d ago

Can't be bothered to read the review, but I have a guess as to why they scored it so low: Too difficult? The game is certainly hard. But that doesn't mean it deserves a low score. It has very impressive controls. Sure it's tough, but you get better. It's important to have kind of a mind for physics in this game. You have to account for the size, weight, and material of the objects you place, and then you have to account for the shape of the structure you want to build so you have efficiency of materials and good enough support. It's a really deep game for such a simple concept, you can spend hours with this thing. Certain modes are also very fun for a two-player session. It's a great game and does a great job of showcasing the accuracy, precision, and 3D tracking capabilities of the Move controller.

raztad2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

"Tumble ’s easy to get to grips with play style is soon overtaken by the need for understanding of real-world physics, material properties (from slippery glass, to heavy metal and light and grippy polystyrene) and good old logical thinking. The stages can become incredibly difficult to master, but with the game skipping from impossibly tricky levels to stages where you feel you’re starting all over again "

that is the review in short. You are right, guys just couldnt handle it.

lelik2883d ago

wow this review has to be bias. no way the game deserves a score so low.

Baba19062883d ago

i love this game. the multiplayer is a lot of fun and the singleplayer gets more and more difficult but also rewarding.

Cerberus21252883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

This is a simple yet great game,sadly not everyone has the mind for it. I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys math ,logical reasoning.and enjoys working with shapes and motion.