Enslaved Demo realeases on PSN today then later on Xbox Live

This is not very strange since the dev was once a ps3 exclusive developer. Nonetheless the demo looks great and will be out on Live sooner or later. Those who have ps3's get an early look at the game is all.

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awiseman2889d ago

there just honoring there former alliance is all, not to fear xbox ppl(including myself) we'll get it soon, im guessing next week.

Millionaire2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Yeah they sure love to honor the "alliance" by bashing their previous games over and over again. Good logic there. >_>

Well you know now.

awiseman2889d ago

i didnt know that. there games may have been ps3 exclusive but they sure do look good.

Game-ur2889d ago

Good graphics are all it has going for it, the gameplay is so simple it could be a Kinect game.

MrMccormo2889d ago

The game takes a lot of gameplay from Uncharted (not a bad thing). There's a TON of platforming and cinematic scenes.

It's basically Uncharted 1 with focus on melee instead of guns, graphics as good as Uncharted 1 but NOT as good as U2, and a lush post-apocalyptic style that's actually quite nice.

George Sears2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )


You talking about Heavenly Sword? Because that game came before Uncharted.

raztad2889d ago


He is talking about UC1. Try the demo and you will realize game is heavy on platforming like UC. The main character (monkey) is lighter than Nathan Drake tho. I would define Enslaved as an action/adventure game like UC, Prince of Persia. Anyone looking for a serious h'n s should wait for LoS.

jack_burt0n2889d ago

Its nothing like uncharted its a bit HS and bit of prince of persia 2008 you even get a girl ride along.

Looks decent for unreal engine but nothing amazing.

Baka-akaB2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

i wouldnt call it heavy on platforming ... hell i didnt see platforming , but automatic jumps with even shiny objects to show you the way .

So yeah it borrowed from uncharted , but made its less interesting aspects even worse , along with imprecise controls in a game that probably never let you fail .

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tdrules2889d ago

I played the demo last week not today, confused....

Focker-4202889d ago

Yep the uk ps store got it last week.

R0l32889d ago

why would someone disagree with that?

R_aVe_N2889d ago

I would not even waist my time if I was you it is not a good game at all. All this company can seem to do is graphic they lack the knowledge to make gameplay fun.

Veneno2889d ago

This game tries to be Uncharted in almost every way minus its a hack n slash and has a sci fi setting, but the dev already admitted that long ago. But it in no way comes the slightiest bit close to the amount of detail and overall production value in UC. But for xbox 360 limitations, it does a pretty good job, just not $60 good. I hope Castle vania gets a demo and is better. Cause I can only really afford to buy myself one game this fall and the rest I must beg for Xmas or my B day, a week from xmas.

Veneno2889d ago

Disagree? My birthday really is a week from Xmas.

Dylantalon12889d ago

Heavenly sword is technologically more advanced than enslaved in everyway. Enslaved seems like it needs another year of dev time.

awiseman2889d ago

hopefully the didnt use that trick in enslaved, but that was a shortcut in my opinion.

raztad2889d ago

In Enslaved you fight against robots, so most of them are, well you know, the same :)

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