Lens of Truth: Vanquish DEMO Screenshot Comparison

Lens of Truth writes "The Vanquish Demo was released a few weeks ago on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. Since this is only a demo, we were considering skipping it completely but after getting a few requests, decided to provide are users with what we found. Being that this was only a demo, we didn’t run Vanquish through our analyzer but still thought it would be helpful for anyone interested in purchasing the game."

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Sea_Man2711d ago

Thanks god not another Bayonetta.

BubbleSystemSuck2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

wow... both are really identical.

Take notes GTA4, Red Dead, Mafia 2, etc Devs

Imperator2710d ago

Wow, aren't those game you listed all 2K games? Guess 2K's been really lazy with their devs.

Cevapi882710d ago

2k?? you mean Take Two...Rockstar is the dev, Take 2 the publisher, mafia is the one that is made by 2k i believe

paintsville2710d ago

This is a good example of how to do a multi-console release.

outrageous2710d ago Show
ShinMaster2710d ago

That's exactly why PS3 exclusives outperform 360 ones.

It is highly likely that they made the PS3 version lead platform instead. Which is why they look so alike.

Rubberlegs2710d ago

The PS3 version is indeed the lead platform.

ef-u-22710d ago


Finally someone had the balls to say it. You my friend will be recieving a bubble

DaTruth2710d ago

And he will lose twelve! This game looks as good as anything on the 360, however, it pales in comparison to PS3 exclusives!

Persistantthug2710d ago

that matched the PS3's exclusives. It doesn't.

In fact most of XBOX 360's 2010 retail exclusives are SUB HD.

So therefore, I can't possibly find a reason to agree with your statements or sentiments.

If you care to elaborate or discuss, I'll PM you. :)

CernaML2710d ago

Yeah why does the PS3 have to gimp 360 games all the time? Splinter Cell Conviction and Alan Wake could have been screen tear less, native 720p masterpieces if it weren't for the PS3. Darn that PS3 for making even 360 exclusives sub HD with horrible frame rates.

Just look at this piece of crap Vanquish. It's all thanks to the PS3 that it is vsynced with a lot more action on screen and some actual anti aliasing all on a deferred renderer compared to Bayonetta.

Curse you PLAYSTATION 3!!!

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niceguywii602710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Looks like that German( site got caught doctoring Vanquish pics to make the PS3 version look better. Why do they do this again and again?

360 has no trouble matching games designed for PS3 hardware compared to the PS3 not being able to match games that take advantage of the 360's hardware.



Tab these up and compare


Those games you listed are technically superior and open sandbox games, everybody knows the 360 is better at those types of games due to PS3's graphics card and memory use.

Unicron2710d ago you're saying linear games are less impressive than open world games then?

Tell me why the mostly linear FFXIII looked worse on the 360 then?

Why did the mostly linear Alan Wake fail to compare to Uncharted 2?

Logic fail.

baker_boi2710d ago

Yall never have any evidence to prove this "argument" and I keep hearing it.

How the hell does it make a difference if the set piece is in a corridor shape or rather it's in a round shape?

If a hardware is superior it's superior it doesn't matter what kind of shape you make the map.

The other thing is you're comparing not an exclusive vs exclusive but a multiplatform game (not Vanquish, just in general).

You see with Vanquish being the lead platform suddenly the PS3 version doesn't look like they took two days to port the game over.

It doesn't have anything to do with a lack of memory(because there is no lack) it has to do with how the engine allows the data to be processed.

You can sum this up to the PS3 having 7 smaller buckets and the 360 having 2 large.

Devs who lead with the 360, evenly pour out water to fill the two buckets, but when they get over to the PS3 they pour as much water into the first bucket as they can until it starts running over.

Then they complain, "There's not enough space! What are we gonna do!?" So they empty out half of the first bucket leaving the 5 others completely empty.

The PS3's architecture is built around the CELL Processor. So if dev's don't take that into account and build an engine the PS3 can use multiplatform games that dont will continue to look like crap.

Multithreading vs General Purpose.

adamx2710d ago

ps3 has no problems with multiplats, lazy devs do.

KiRBY30002710d ago

alan wake was supposed to wow everyone. i was hyped for this game and bought a 360 for it. didnt wow me much. playing uncharted 2 a few month before Alan Wake probably didnt help.

also, you're wrong when you say Vanquish has been made specifically for the PS3. it was multiplatform from day one.

imagine you have to write an essay in english (360) and in japanese (PS3). if you write it in english 1st then translate to japanese it with google translation you're gonna end up with crap. instead, you will have to learn japanese and understand how it works, then writing the english version is just a formality.

programming is a language. if you dont speak well, you're gonna make mistakes. some languages are easy to learn (360) some are a bit more complex (PS3).

SilentNegotiator2710d ago

"- Bubble" -> "Paranoid Trolling with Broken Links"

IHateYouFanboys2710d ago

@baker_boi: "The PS3's architecture is built around the CELL Processor. So if dev's don't take that into account and build an engine the PS3 can use multiplatform games that dont will continue to look like crap.

Multithreading vs General Purpose."

well of course the PS3 is built around the Cell - the Cell is its CPU. without a CPU the PS3 wouldnt do anything.

with your 'multithreading vs general purpose' comment youre proving your ignorance. multithreading and general purpose arent even remotely related.

multithreading is having multiple processes running, splitting the code up into multiple threads. the 360 does this just like the PS3. the 360 has 6 hardware threads via 3 dual threaded cores, the PS3 has 6 threads via the 6 single threaded SPUs.

general purpose refers to what the actual threads can do. believe it or not, general purpose is actually better than single purpose for things that vary as much as video games. if youve got a single purpose thread that can ONLY do real-time physics calculations, if your game doesnt use real-time physics calculations then what happens? you cant use that thread. so now instead of having 6/6 threads available, youve only got 5/6 - meaning less processing power. with general purpose, anything that one thread can do, the other 5 can do.

the 360s 3 cores are general purpose. the PS3s 6 SPUs are essentially single purpose (not 100% single purpose, but basically).

n4gno2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

"360 has no trouble matching games designed for PS3 hardware compared to the PS3 not being able to match games that take advantage of the 360's hardware."

Yeah right, delusionals fanboys in denial, your brain is do dammaged, than no logic can be found in there : if the xbox360 can just compete with ps3 graphics, you'll have tons of games with ps3 exclusives graphics, because it's easier to programm ! but the fact are : not a single game can compete with kilzone 2 (2 years old), or even uncharted 1, i d'ont even talk about GOW3, uncharted2, gt5, kz3, lbp, and few others.

Stop lying to yourself and others brainwashed fans !

by the way, identic versions is good thing compared to some inferior multiplatform, but not absolutly perfect, since the ps3 can do better than 360 (like xbox vs ps2)

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tacosRcool2710d ago

or so it looks in the screenshots. Now the test is playing it

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hennessey862711d ago

when i played the demos i thought the ps3 version looked better but after seeing this, they look identical

nnotdead2710d ago

i thought i heard the 360 version of the first demo had slight screen tearing and frame rate drop. maybe that is why you thought that.

JohnSimpleTon2710d ago

Overall, I was generally disappointed by the sub-hd nature of Vanquish which I played on the 360 (blurry all-around). But I guess they had to sacrifice some visual flare to keep all that action at a quick pace. For such an HD generation it's annoying to find so many titles sporting this look.

RudeSole Devil2711d ago

Check out the lights on the Suite, looks more detailed.

darkequitus2711d ago

The lights are the same, they pulse. On the first picture it is more glowy on the 360 and on the second on the PS3. The lights were just caught at different stages of their pulse cycle. After playing both, there is no difference.

CobraKai2710d ago

Yeah, I made the same mistake thinking the PS3 had better lights, but I then replayed both demos and and noticed the pulsing lights. This game is pretty insane.

Joe Bomb2710d ago

Aren't these the same guys who made Bayonetta?

RudeSole Devil2710d ago

And it looks like they finally got things for the PlayStation 3.

Game-ur2710d ago

PS3 version of Bayonetta was outsourced, this time they handled it themselves.

Outsourcing is main problem for bad PS3 versions.

Shogun Master2710d ago

Yes, Platinum Games. But the PS3 is supposedly the lead platform for this one. well see.

Iceballs2710d ago

I downloaded them both and could not tell the difference at all. Props to Platinum Games.

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