GND Feature: Reinventing Dante

Devil May Cry is a series that was birthed on the PS2 and has had a hell of a fan following. But with Capcom’s new Devil May Cry reboot, what does this mean for the series and its fans?

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jeseth2923d ago

we get a beat up, feminine, emo, sorry-for-myself looking fairy.

Good Job Capcom, you managed to make the main character look even less aggressive and weak.

gunnerforlife2923d ago

were the hell is kratos wen you need him jheez, that guy would slap some sense to dante and bring him back 2 hes old self lool

RustInPeace2923d ago

I'm not going to get into what i think about the look... I AM very angry about the thought of a "reboot." The game franchise isn't even 10 years old yet! This is just Hollywood oozing into games; no creativity, no "new" ideas, just garbage.

LarVanian2923d ago

I swear everytime I see this 'new Dante' I just wanted to kick every single puppy and kitten I see.
I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Ninja theory make the plot about 'some girl' too.

RustInPeace2923d ago

I'm not taking a jab at NT with their ability to create good things, but everyone knows what Dante looks like, so why not just make it a new character instead if this IS a new DMC? (Let alone the fact that MvC3 will have Dante as a character to play as, with his iconic look. No reason to make a polar opposite of a character you will see at least once or twice before THIS game comes out.)

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