Gametrailers: DMC TGS 10: Inspiration Interview HD

Developers discuss their inspirations for the series reboot at TGS.

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frankymv2885d ago

not sure of what to make of the new dante.

Natsu X FairyTail2885d ago

All lies. It's obvious that the Creative director wanted himself to portray Dante he made the new desing based on him. Same face same hair.

Cloudberry2885d ago

Which they (CAPCOM's) wanted to do an extreme Dante redesigns with Ninja Theory, in which so extreme that would pissed CAPCOM (or the fans in this case).

Several designs presented, including shirtless Dante with suspenders, didn't make it out.

And the final Dante Design which both parties accepted & realized in the first DmC trailer was actually based off Tameem Antonaides (Creative Director / founder of Ninja Theory) himself.


After the whole process of presentation with Dante re-designs, Ninja Theory makes it with the design that was closer of that their founder appearance...

What a world, lol.

GSpartan7772885d ago

Yet in this video they are pretty much describing the game as a fucking prequel like DMC3 was?