Facebook has 200m active gamers

Top ten games on the social network boast over 12m users each as internet gaming flexes its muscles.

Internet powerhouse and social networking leader Facebook has outlined a range of initiatives that it hopes will arrest the slowdown of gaming growth on the website.

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AceofStaves2885d ago

Facebook provides a great casual gaming experience for me, and it also gives me the chance to play games from devs and companies I'd never heard of before.

I never imagined Social Network gaming would become so popular. The numbers are pretty stunning.

8-bit2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

I am a gamer and a facebook user but you will never catch me playing facebook games. GA-ROSS..

All of my facebook friends that play those games are not gamers in real life. People like my Dad, aunts and uncles who would never touch a controller.

Parapraxis2885d ago

Lets try that again: Facebook has 200m active "gamers"
Yeah..that's better.