Second Vanquish demo confirmed for EU/US

A second demo of PlatinumGames' Vanguish will be released in Europe and North Amercia, SEGA's confirmed to Eurogamer.

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jay22887d ago

Oh my god serously! the demo comes out this week in Japan doesn't it?

jack_burt0n2887d ago

its already out on the jp store.

lightningsax2886d ago

Thanks for the tip, Jack - now I can't wait to check it out!

...not that I have a Japanese account or anything. Yeah.

Orange2886d ago

Awesome! Loved the first demo.

nnotdead2886d ago

i did as well. too bad im strapped for cash for a while, and wont be able to pick this game up.

mantisimo2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

.....but am going to get this before enslaved

(a second demo for enslaved would be good instead of the floaty, easy jump tutorial level) and the way people are commenting I think a 2nd demo would open up the gameplay and make those sitting on the fence change their minds, either way.)

(I personally found monkey not heavy enough, and the jumps way too easy and formulaic)

Vanquish is mint though a really playable 3ps.

Ryo-Hazuki2886d ago

I got to the 3rd wave and died. Day 1 buy btw

jack_burt0n2886d ago

Disc gun is awesome taking of the arms and heads of the bigger robots this demo is pretty tough too.

kndy2886d ago

loved the demo, even though i got pretty frustrated dying like 4 times trying to kill the boss. i'm considering downloading this.

on another note...
even though the single player is gonna be fun
is anyone else sad there is not gonna be any multiplayer in this game?
flying up to other people on your knees, while dodging bullets as they shoot at you from behind cover, and then smashing their face in as they try to run away sounds like a good time to me
maybe it was too awesome for testers to handle. that is my theory

mrcash2886d ago

No multiplayer is sure to be a huge let down. This isn't a game I'm looking to buy but multiplayer would have been amazing.

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