Far Cry 2 interview

Far Cry 2's producer has called on first-person shooter developers to focus on infusing their games with a greater sense of immersion, highlighting it as an area in which the genre needs to improve.

"For me it's all about immersion. A game doesn't have to duplicate reality to achieve that. It just needs to make sure to not end up in a mish-mash of incoherent features just to have bullet points on the box", Louis-Pierre Pharand told CVG in an interview on Far Cry 2.

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Rooted_Dust3955d ago

The only thing the first FarCry game and this one have in common is wide open environments. Ther are some impressive visuals there, like the fire effect. I also heard that they will be including simulated wild life, but no aggressive animals(Lions and such) and no endangered species, so they are basically there for you to shoot at and don't really add to the game much.


the next pc hype game, just like crysis, now pc fans will flood peoples minds that pcs have the two best looking games, and people will fall into that illusion trap that you pc fans set, oh well, looks nice anyway, and in my opinion, already better than crysis


Rooted_Dust3955d ago

Uhh...we do have the best looking games. That is a widely accepted fact, not an illusion. Looks aren't everything though. I would trust a 3rd party PC developer like Crytek to make a quality game before I would trust Ubisoft, the King of Junk Ports. Have you seen what they did to Farcry on consoles? They raped that IP until you couldn't even recognize it, and you still can't with Farcry 2.

ALI-G3955d ago

THAT is why all console owner all crying we will see Crysis in console so they will about FARCRY2

FARCRY2 ------------VS-- CRYSIS
UBISOFT ------------VS-- EA (bublisher level)
Ubisoft Montreal ------VS-- CRYTICK

one of this 2 games will set the par in gaming for the next 2-3 years


they will be the best looking games in your minds, if those two games are the best looking games, then president bush is the best president ever

if it looks the best to you, then i wanna really know who the best looking woman to you,

yes, crysis cant be done on console, and neither farcry, but there is one machine above all others that sets the bar so high, games have to be on another scale of comparison to it, that is where pcs compared to consoles comparison comes in, but far as supercompter sony gaming, pc and its crysis are last gen, nothing touches ps3 and supercomputer gaming that it provides, so yes crysis is the best, just not in supercomputer ps3 gaming


those games will set the bar in gaming in pc world, of pc fans, but ps3 will be the only graphics on movie level as they already have, pcs just cant do that, so theres no need to get mad, crysis and farcry will have great graphics, but just not at a ps3 and movie scale, oh well