Dragon Age II set for Eurogamer Expo appearance

GamerZines writes:

EA have today announced that they have made a further addition to their Eurogamer Expo line-up.

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Darkfiber2923d ago

Does this mean they'll actually show gameplay for once?

Substance1012923d ago

Played Dragon age origins on PC was a totally different game then the console counterpart.

Eric Cartman2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Modding aside, console versions severely limit using magic and skills with only 6 quick slots. I finished the game on PS3 though. I have all the trophies in Origins except the the "kill 1000 darkspawn" one. :(

I'm really hyped for the second game.

Nihilism2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Yeah I think the second one will own, the first one had a $#!+ tonne of flaws. DA still has the witcher as a benchmark, I hope they have been paying attention...

I pre-ordered it for half price, we pay a lot of money for games in AUS but for some reason the PC version was $46 pre order and the console versions were $ was hard to pass up.


I'm pretty stoked that they will make both a female and male PC in DA2, I thought we wouldn't have a choice, I like that in mass effect.

Eamon2923d ago

I'm actually going to the Eurogamer Expo! >.<

il-mouzer2923d ago

see you there :)

I'll be accompanying some students from the Eindhoven Design Institute :)