10 Ways to Revive the Japanese Game Industry

A article on what can be done for the Japanese game industry, with examples and some really bold ideas.

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Natsu X FairyTail2925d ago

''4. There are many people out there enjoying Japanese culture. Not releasing a game outside Japan, hurts your sales and hurts these people. Be good and don’t hurt them any more. Release worldwide.''

There's tons of games the devs would like to bring out of japan but they need to Work with Western Publishers to do so. Alot of the time The Western Publishers are scared that the smaller Games that are big in Japan wont be as well received Overseas and if they do so they could lose great amount of money.

Neckbear2924d ago

Some companies love bringing games like these in America.

Some developers are too bitchy to do so (See: NAMCO BANDAI. TALES OF.)

AndrewRyan2924d ago

1. Actually try to make a good game.


All jokes aside, I just think people are kind of pushing away from the metrosexual haircuts and anime style graphics. Well, in America anyhow.

h0stile2925d ago

true, for the present time. but not necessarily for future titles in pre-production phase. there are many publishers, many ways to distribute games and you don't need to have a voice cast for every language. a subtitle is enough. Japanese characters look weird with other voices anyway.

demon's souls is one of the best examples. many imported the Asian version, while the US and EU ones also had some decent sales. they just don't learn from the best practices THEY have established.

darkdoom30002925d ago

Companies need to stop "westernizing" good existing franchises. Look what they did to dante :(

h0stile2925d ago

yep, when I saw the new Dante, I remembered that hairy fat old dude from the next Max Payne (which I haven't checked if it's still in production or not). anyway, I remember having the same feeling.

AntoineDcoolette2924d ago

"Another ‘one more thing’. Don’t use focus groups. If you use Japanese focus groups, you’ve missed the point. If you use North American or European focus groups you’ll just obtain a flat game. Go with bold ideas instead, based firmly on what you know it works for your game."

Like Vanquish and chucking in rocket boosters BECAUSE WALKING IS BORING and Max Payne bullet time :D

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The story is too old to be commented.