XBLA vs Nostalgia

X360: with Sonic Adventure hitting XBLA, just how much does nostalgia skew your attitude toward a certain game?

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DNAbro2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

This game is old and it definately does not hold up to today's "high standards" but it is fun as hell.

BillOreilly2921d ago

nostalgia does impact me. Il always love donkey kong country, zelda oot, and every time i hear the metroid music i want to play it. I still enjoy mario 64 and even super mario brothers. Thenagain those games were so good they still hold up today. Im playing the other m right now and it takes me back.

Blaze9292921d ago

Playing Sonic Adventure on XBLA left a bad taste in my mouth. I remember the game being just so much more amazing back then...I wish I had left it with that memory :-(