Sony: Eye Toy has more potential than Wii Remote

The PS3's ability to track the position of an object in 3D space using the new Eye Toy offers up more potential for motion-sensing gaming than the Wii Remote, Sony told CVG yesterday.

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Violater4138d ago

Been saying this for months.

aiphanes4138d ago

Sony has something really big hear. I can not wait to try this out.

mighty_douche4138d ago

sounds interesting, wish theyd release a few more details on the camera! personally im not to interested in the card game but it will be nice to see if the "potenial" gets used longer down the road!

LeonSKennedy4Life4138d ago

It has potential, I'm sure. It's just that...the Wii is a novelty item at this point.

No matter how good the Eye performs...people will get the Wii because of the media's hype. The same goes for anything. Some people actually believe Barrack Obama is a kind man...

Kholinar4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

So sony's the indie, amazingly under-estimated victim with no hype at all?

Wow... if it works and it's fun and is marketed like the ps3 has been all along it'll sell well, maybe even dominate. I can't believe that a 6-month old system that's selling really well despite it's price and only just developing game catalog has fans with a victim complex already.

There's a lot to this. Sony could certainly market it like Nintendo has... but I doubt most of the PS3 gamers would be happy. Imagine Sony ignoring an upcoming AAA title (like Metroid) and promoting their equivalent of WiiFit, just to secure the casual market. With nintendo, at least people expect party games (Mario Party, Kart, etc.)... but gamers would make the WiiSports backlash seem like a teaparty compared to what they'd do to sony. So maybe it will be ignored, but that may not be the Wii-Hype's fault. It might be that Sony thinks their gamers would burn their PS3's in the streets.

Also, if the Wii's a novelty then Sony's Eyetoy implementation should have nothing to worry about... So buck-up, son. Things aren't that bad.

*edit @ boglin*
They're certainly marketing at the people who already own the system who happen to download an optional preview and go to the vc when their blue light glows. In other words, less than half of their own install base even know about the MP preview channel, and quite a few of those don't care (young children). Certainly they're marketing to a lot of people (possibly even millions) given that small percentage. But that's tiny compared to what they'd gain in marketing numbers with just a few well-placed commercials. In other words, fab-cheap idea that works well for the already sold target market, but where they're actually spending money tells you what they care about.

Btw... I'm a diehard nintendo fan. I love the vc marketing idea, but to do a real, supportive marketing campaign multiple, non-online media outlets are still required. (At least for a few years)...

*edit2 @ witchking*

Nah, Metroid is too complex to be reduced to just point, strafe and shoot. That's not it. It's all about the money, baby. Nintendo's not letting go of much this round. It'll sell and we'll love it. But they don't believe that it's going to pick up the market they want most at the mo.

uglyboglin4138d ago

How is Nintendo ignoring Metroid??? Or am I just not getting the true meaning of this statement? Wii owners are able to download a Metroid Prime: Corruption Channel to preview movies/game play etc. Likewise, its the month of Metroid!!??!! Already we've got Metroid and Super Metroid on the VC?? As far as I'm concerned that's smart marketing to the consumer base who already own the system, which if you think about millions....

witchking4138d ago

I think the issue is that Nintendo announced the Zapper-gun-thingy at E3 but lo and behold, the AAA FPS that is coming out isn't compatible with the Zapper-thingy. At least, that's my assumption in how Nintendo is "ignoring" Metroid.

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