Havok: Stunning Physics Demo Emerged

Watch two new videos showing impressive physics effects from Havok.

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MrMccormo2858d ago

That's really cool. It shows that graphics are important for gameplay, after all.

Bereaver2858d ago

Before people start talking about the german website taking youtube videos and putting them on their website.

Many of you wouldn't know about some of these videos if it weren't for them.

At least not as soon as if they didn't.

So, don't think they are completely useless and troublesome.

danmachine2858d ago

they take credit for the videos and disable the ability to click on the video and be taken to you tube. thats why everyone hates them.

Sashamaz2858d ago

How comes I just clicked the vid and it took me to the youtube page

Hideo_Kojima2858d ago

I really should read the whole discussion before agreeing with people...

First I agreed with Bereaver than I saw what danmachine said and agreed with him but than i saw that danmachine was wrong and agreed with sashamaz...

But finally I agree with Bereaver this sites do help us find interesting Youtube videos and they do give credit by allowing as to watch them ON youtube if we want.

SilentNegotiator2858d ago

Dress physics: TOTALLY not a waste of processing power at all.

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johnbrown42858d ago

Not only this is old like hell, it also shows that physics is important not graphic.

Seferoth752858d ago

Yes something completely unrelated to graphics shows that they matter.

Wow Someone knows nothing of programming...

BTW kids, PS2 games used Havok as well. It isnt something only for HD consoles.

amrasmord2857d ago

Why don't you just go back to playing your Nintendo 64 while the adults talk about grown-up stuff... /sigh

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2858d ago
Qui-Gon Jim2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

This is about ten times more amazing, though. Just imagine when we see game characters walking around looking like this.

Edit @ below: I don't know the technical stuff, so you may be right, but it would probably be possible if you balance things well. Perhaps in games with smaller environments, like Heavy Rain did to get such amazing character models.

outrageous2858d ago

@Faster...well no, not current systems because they were very clear that it's running on a 6 core CPU gamming rig with who knows how many GPU's going at it.

This video is why we as well as the industry needs the new consoles. This video is also why Sony wanted to BUY Havok. Then they could say it was there super computer that was doing all the UC 2 uses Havok.

The current gen is hitting it's sweet spot right now with graphics and the next 12-18 months will have games that look incredible...but I think it's time to move on.

SillySundae2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

Kindly explain ...

So with Havok you don't need good hardware?

Also, would you happen to know how weak was the machine they used for the demo?

Forgive my ignorance.

XXXCouture2858d ago

the article says it was showed on a intel i7 core

jaseo2858d ago

direct youtube link

physics FTW, FTL

zak94ma2858d ago

thaigo costa and Havok those who will make the next gen games super awesome

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